Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the beginning...

I have no lofty goals.
I mean don't get me wrong, I have goals and dreams and aspirations, but I generally like to think that they are fairly well grounded in reality. Or at least in my reality. I suppose reality is probably one of the most subjective things there are, but again I like to think my reality is fairly...well not normal, but I suppose as close to normal as one can get.

No my goals are not things that would someday make my life a great film, or even a half way decent made for TV movie. My goals are simple.
I have lots of little goals ranging from small things like remembering to take my vitamins and washing my face before bed. I have some slightly harder goals like getting the husbeast to take out the trash before a large pile of trash forms on the counter beside the trash can, or figure out how to keep my cat from yowling at 5:45am (both of these are probably impossible goals, but a girl can dream).
I suppose though that my overlying goal in life is just to be happy.

Happiness and contentment in whatever life throws at me.
I would like to think that even if I find myself in the lowest of lows that I could look around myself and find something to smile about. I mean after all, no matter how bad it gets, it could really always be worse, and if you don't find something to be happy about, then what are you fighting for?

That was a disgusting bit of optimism for you.

I suppose though that I am an optimist. I would love to say I think of myself as a realist, but to be realistic I have been a closet optimist for as long as I can remember.

So I suppose in the end this is just following along on the journey to achieve my goal of contentment.
I promise nothing profound or even entertaining from my words. I just blurt out whatever is on my mind.

But it is a start.