Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Illusions of Time and Reality of Love

We measure our lives in time. Whether it be the smallest second or decades we only know this unit of measurement for telling how long it has been since an event has occurred.

The problem with time is it is not accurate. Sure you know technically how many minutes or days have passed but when was the last time when you were waiting for time to pass that it felt accurate?

We have all lived through the two hour second or looked back on a single year and were unable to fathom how you could do so much in just a year. Time really is just an illusion.  It is what we do in that time that is real.

Today, for me, 10 is the number that matters. Ten years to be specific. Ten years which marks almost 1/3 of my life. Ten years which encompasses so much more than that measure of time can describe.

Ten years ago today I said I didn't care about pretty dresses or girlish dreams. Ten years ago I said that all the fluff and trappings didn't matter.  Ten years ago I said the only thing in the world that was important was being married to my husbeast come days end; and it still is the only thing that matters.

Since that night ten years have passed but I am here to tell you that it has been so much more than that. Truly I feel that a lifetime has passed in this time. I can not wrap my brain around how we have shared so much love and so many adventures in such a short amount of time.

I know there are people who would argue that a decade is a long time. Surely in an age of famous celebrity marriages that last barely a month ten years really is a lifetime. For me though it seems like a drop in the bucket.

This last decade has been hard at times but more often it has been good. Together in this time the husbeast and I have gone on many great adventures, done many scary new things, and laughed enough to power the world for ten generations to come. I don't know how we managed it all in just ten years.

What I do know for certain is that time might not seem real but everything that has happened is certainly the real McCoy.  It doesn't matter how long they took it just matters that they happened.

You say ten years. I say an immeasurable lifetime.

To my love, my friend, my husbeast; here is to this lifetime and so many more to come no matter how it gets measured.


We choose.

We choose what to wear.
We choose what to eat.
We choose what to watch.
We choose what to read.

We choose to love.
We choose to hate.
We choose to hope.
We choose to despair.

We choose to give.
We choose to take.

We choose to help.
We choose to hurt.

Your choices effect those around you. The louder your voice and the larger your presence the more influence you have.

When you choose love, those around you learn love.
When you choose hate, those around you learn hate.

Shape your world, our world, with love. Choosing hate shapes our world with fear, and no one wants to live in fear.

Choose to accept differences, embrace them, love them, live them.

There are things we do not get to choose. You do not get to choose the family you are born to. You do not get to choose your sexual orientation. You do not get to choose the chemistry in your brain.

You can choose to separate yourself from negative influences. You can choose to accept people unconditionally. You can choose to love yourself. You can choose to help people feel free to be what and who they are. You can choose to get help. You can choose to get help for others.

You can choose to look at the greater good. You can choose not to be narrow minded or short sighted. You can choose to learn from the past. You can choose to hear the truth. You can choose to see manipulation.  You can choose the high road. You can choose the hard road.  You can choose to compromise.

You can choose to act.
You can choose to be brave.
You can choose to be outspoken.
You can choose to be compassionate.
You can choose to be decent.

You can choose to value all life.
You can choose to care about strangers.
You can choose to respect everyone as they are.

You can choose.


Life is a series of choices.
For all our sake, choose wisely.