Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scratching at a thought

Observations on itching-

- Every time I put my gloves on to go outside I get an itch. Whether it is my nose, or cheek, or thigh, something starts to itch and I am unable to scratch it because of the stupid gloves.

- As soon as I take my gloves off all itching stops.

- When I get to the perfect comfy position in bed and am almost asleep I will get an itch that will require me to move out of my comfy position. If I do not give in and scratch the itch it will become agonizing quickly. If I do scratch it then it will simply migrate indefinitely.

- When I wear shoes that are impossible to get out of (like my knee high boots) the sole of my foot will randomly start itching.

- It is impossible to scratch an itch through denim, so inevitably the only place you will itch while wearing jeans is in a place that you can in no way access without taking off your pants or looking incredibly inappropriate.

- When I am having a super good hair day my scalp will start to randomly itch requiring me to mess up my hair.

- If I wear eye makeup my eye will itch and require me to either rub it and smear my makeup or ignore it which will cause my eyes to water and make my makeup run.

- Anytime I ask someone to scratch my back I become incapable of giving them directions on how to locate and destroy the itch.

- Anytime I scratch someone back I am incapable of following their directions to find the itchy spot to scratch.

- Having been a child very prone to hives the worst places to have hives/a rash/a terrible itch are as follows: Under your nails, between your toes, behind your elbows and knees, your armpits, inside your ears and nose, your gums. All of these places are difficult to scratch without causing pain or will not stop itching no matter how much you scratch because they are body parts constantly in contact with another body part.

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