Friday, May 2, 2014

Little things

It is the little things that you overlook that make up love. These are just a few things that remind me that the husbeast loves me.

- He never buys me flowers for my birthday, anniversary, or valentines day, and most certainly  never buys them when he has done something wrong. He only buys them for me on random seemingly insignificant days to remind me I am special even on a lonely Tuesday in March.

- He has never bought me roses because he knows I do not particularly care for them and would prefer simple white daisies to anything else.

- He lets me put the cucumbers from my salad on his plate when we are in restaurants.

- He always lets me steal fries off of his plate with little to no grumbling.

- He knows to bring me apple juice when I am sick because I prefer it to orange juice.

- He knows to put a bowl of ice on the nightstand when I have an upset stomach so I won't dehydrate.

- He cheers for the Longhorns because he knows I like them.

- He always makes me my own pot of gumbo that has no seafood in it.

- He never makes me eat the heel of the bread because he knows I like the middle parts better.

- He gives me the bigger bowl of ice cream and have the first pick of Popsicle flavors.

- He reads me the funny bits out of books I will never read.

- He turns off the ceiling fan when he gets out of bed in the morning so I won't be cold once he is no longer in the bed.

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