Monday, February 27, 2012

Never quite enough

I really do love the things that I do in my life that make my life so completely full. What I don't particularly love about this is that my life is so completely full. Sometimes I think that is an exaggeration of the truth, but others I am not so sure I am that far off.

Every season when faire starts up I know I am going to lose time. I lose spare time on the weekends, and I lose a lot of free time on my week nights. There are always things to do for faire. There are costumes to be made, there are shows to rehearse, there is research to be done, there is mentoring newbies, there are projects to prepare, and any other number of fun extras or a last moment crisis or ten to attend to. Add all of this into my regular 8 to 5 job, household duties, and extra curricular activities, and that really is a recipe for no time at all.

This morning as I was sitting at my desk reading through all of the blog entries I missed over the weekend I realized my normal 30 minute morning email and blog routine had taken almost an hour and a half. How did I get so back logged over just one weekend? Don't most of the blogs I follow only update during the week? At least I am not playing catch up on webcomics I read as well.

After my longer than normal morning routine I went about planning my day. There is of course work, but then I have a trip to the gym I want to make, plus stopping at the grocery store for some various sundry items like bread and laundry soap, then home to clean the kitchen and cook dinner, prep lunches for the week, do some laundry and pick up the clutter that is starting to overwhelm the house since we have weekly game night on Tuesday plus a dinner with friends on Wednesday. That is a lot for one night.

This is about the time I remembered I need to pattern a shirt tonight since Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be eaten up by social events. I looked at the list and decided something would have to go. I had already decided that there would be no TV tonight, so what else could I cut?

Cleaning and grocery shopping are a must, and we have to eat so it is cooking since I am trying to avoid take out. So the gym will be sacrificed tonight. I am beginning to remember why it is so easy to gain weight during faire season. 

In fact I am realizing it is a foregone conclusion that until I have at least finished making all of the costuming for this year that things like the gym and TV may be completely out of the question. My poor DVR is going to explode. I can also see that there will be a lack of sleep in my near future, not that that is so unusual for me.

I have to say though it is all worth it. Faire really is one of those things that I love so very much, that a few sleepless nights, and being desperately behind on my favorite TV show is well worth it. It is easy to make sacrifices for things that you love.

I just feel lucky that I have a reason to make sacrifices.


  1. it is WEIRD to not be prepping with you guys. WEIRD.

  2.  It is so weird not having you there. We were doing relationship tree yesterday and I was helping the saplings with Maris characters and vets who weren't there, and I kept saying well you would know Flora and then I would have to say she is Maris now which was bizarre. And then when GT showed up I kept looking for you to be there teaching but there was a distinctive lack of you and it made me sad. And then there was lace rehearsal and again a distinctive lack of you, and I was sad all over again.

    And by the way I read that as "pregnant" and not "prepping" which confused the hell out of me since you are pregnant and was wondering if you were lamenting me not being pregnant. I was confused for a moment.