Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming up short

I have decided not to participate in the second platform building challenge. I had a lot of fun doing the first one, but I really can not seem to devote the brain power to the second one. I can honestly barely devote any brain power to anything just now.

I have hit a point during the faire prep process where my brain sort of overloads and then shuts down. I try and do simple things and they just come out all wrong. I suppose that is part of the reason it took me two attempts to draft a simple shirt pattern.

I wrote a blog entry this morning. It was something that I sort of wrote in my head on the drive into work. It was talking all about age being a state of mind and how most of my friends are what some would consider significantly older or younger than me. I never see them as any age, they are just my friends.

It was pretty awful when I was done. It was an endless rambling stream of blathering on my behalf. I saved you all from it by deleting it. Trust me, it was for the good of everyone everywhere.

I made another attempt in the early afternoon to write a different blog post, but I didn't even get as far as hating and deleting it. Instead I sort of stared blankly at the screen and typed nothing at all. I couldn't even organize my thoughts enough to know what I was wanting to write.

I managed to plow through the rather sizeable eviction file that was waiting for me, and I am amazed I did that much. It is thankfully completely mindless work, so I am fairly certain I didn't screw anything up with that. After that I am not certain I can manage anything else with even an iota of critical thought.

I am sure that after the stress of getting all of the costuming done on time has passed my brain will start functioning again. I really  hope it does since I have of late come up with some interesting ideas for my WIP, as well as found some small amount of desire to work on it.

For now though I am just going to quietly sit over here and try not to do anything to complicated.

And I want a donut.

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  1. Ouch girl, sounds like you're definitely suffering from brain overload! Have that donut :-)