Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pants on the Ground

This morning as I was driving to work, I wasn't particularly paying attention to what was going on; Jumper by Third Eye Blind was blaring through the radio, I was mentally making a grocery list in my head, and was vaguely aware of what speed I was going since I have seen several speed traps on my commute route over the last few days. All in all a typical morning commute.

As I pulled up to my least favorite light, which is at the tollway and therefor takes forever, I did catch some movement over on the sidewalk that drew my attention. Slowly pacing about near the bus stop was a tall thin man. He wore a baseball cap that was turned sideways, or was perhaps one of those inexplicable caps where the brim is made sideways, a long baggy t-shirt with a random design on it, and jeans that were hanging around his mid thighs. As he loped about he had to hook two fingers into his waistband to keep his pants from completely falling off.

I couldn't help myself, I rolled my eyes. I have never found this to be an attractive or sensible style of dress. I could almost hear the husbeast in my head telling me how that particular style started in prisons as a way to show submission and that you were 'available' to the other prisoners. What would possess anyone to want to adopt this fashion in public?

I am sure that someone cooler than me, or that was hip and in the know, would have some sort of explanation for this trend that I feel was never appropriate and has certainly outlived its welcome. I am sure they would say it is cultural, or a music thing, or a kid thing, or something that could be considered valid in some circles. I am sure it would also make me feel old.

As I was pondering this at the red light that would never end, I looked back at this man as I attempted to figure out why he couldn't just wear a belt. This is when I realized something disturbing. This man was not a young man as I had thought when I first saw him. This man was at least 40.


Alright so I may not understand this fashion, but I am well aware that kids will be kids, and generations will wear what they wear. That being said, there is an age limit when the fashion of your youth is no longer appropriate for you to wear. Just because you wore it in high school doesn't mean you should wear it now. What in the world was he thinking?

Unless you are some sort of hip hop mogul, or are under the age of say 25, I do not think that wearing your pants hanging off your ass is appropriate any longer. Maybe this makes me old, or stuffy, or some other adjective that I am not ready to be called, but I don't care.

You are a grown ass man. Pull your pants up damn it!

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