Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh look, a chicken

And now some random things that have been on my mind, but are not meaty enough to make an entire post out of.

- So I was driving to work yesterday and got stuck at one of the longer lights on my route. As I was sitting there waiting for the light to turn green I began watching the person in the car behind me through the rear view mirror, like you do. I wasn't really watching him, I was more staring off into space with my eyes on the mirror.

As I was not really watching him I noticed he was smoking a cigarette. This wouldn't be noteworthy except for the fact that the cigarette wasn't lit, it was just hanging in his mouth. Also as I looked closer I realized it was not really a normal looking cigarette. It was sort of crooked and shriveled. Then I watched as he lit the cigarette with an already lit cigar, which I at first thought was a really long car lighter.

At this point I was actually watching him. Something was off and I couldn't place it. Everytime he took a drag he would relight the cigarette with the cigar, and then I was fairly certain he wasn't exhaling. Which is about the time it hit me hard; he is smoking a joint.

I was a little shocked by this. I mean there he was, in his car, in public, on a busy road during morning rush hour, which is normally crawling with cops, and he is just toking away on a joint.

People are crazy.

- Speaking of smoking, my work has recently enforced new smoking policies. They are on this big health kick and have started doing things like charging you more in insurance if you are a smoker, which I think is ridiculous.

They have also made it a 'smoke free campus'. What this is supposed to mean is that no one is allowed to smoke on the property. If you go up to the main building there are signs posted everywhere telling you not to smoke. I work in a satellite building that is shared by another company who is not smoke free which means my building is still safe for smokers.

What has effectively happened is that all the smokers walk down the hill to my building on their breaks. I mean sure they are getting more exercise, but this is not very effective for the whole getting people to quit angle. I suppose nothing is perfect.

I had wondered though how they were enforcing things up at the main building since I am never over there. Well yesterday I had to walk up my annual criminal background check release form to HR and was afforded the opportunity to watch the new policy in action.

As I was heading out I was followed by a man that quite honestly appeared out of nowhere. He was moving with purpose towards me, and for a moment I thought he had followed me out of HR and was going to tell me I dropped my badge or my form wasn't completed. Instead he breezed past me to the parking lot.

In the handicapped spot was a car that was apparently waiting on someone to come out. It was nearly five and that is fairly common. The women inside were both smoking. Now let me repeat, they were in their car, in the parking lot, which has to be 40 or 50 yards from the doors of the building. Still this man goes and very sternly informs these women that it is a smoke free campus and they will have to put their cigarettes out immediately.

Are you kidding me? Non employees in a private vehicle in a parking lot are not allowed to smoke if they want to? Dude I get smoking is bad for you and I get not wanting people to smoke in an area that is 'public', but I have serious issues with telling people they are not allowed to slowly kill themselves in private where it isn't hurting anyone but themselves.

People are stupid.

- I get to go to the farmers market on Saturday for the first time since last September and I am so excited it is sort of ridiculous. I love everything about the farmers market; the atmosphere, the people, the amazing produce, all of it. It is one of those things that the husbeast and I find great joy in doing together.

We have big plans to grab a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies, and I have my eye on some local raised meat, and then it will be time to fire up the grill and enjoy all the goodness that the market provides. We have been waiting for this for months.

I just recently found a farmers market that is like two blocks from my office, which excites me in some ways. I now don't have to wait for a free weekend to be able to go downtown to the market. I can have the tasty local produce whenever I like. It is not the same though. It lacks the atmosphere and the bonding experience that the husbeast and I enjoy.

I will take what I can get.

- Now that faire is over I have this desire to stretch my writing legs. I haven't really written anything in months, and it is starting to bother me. I have a few projects that have been patiently sitting on the back burner, and I think it is time that I got to work on them.

Of course knowing me I may very well get distracted by something shiny, and never get around to writing anything. What can I say? I am only human.

Oh look, a chicken.

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