Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today is the sort of day that I feel the need to have copious amounts of chocolate and booze to make the world bearable. Seeing as how neither of those things are good for me or actually available to me, I am going to attempt to increase my calm by writing random things.

Fake it till you make it you know?

So random things:

-Etta likes to wait until the blanket creeps down off my shoulder and then stick her tiny cold nose on whatever exposed skin she can find to help me wake up in the mornings.

-The husbeast is playing a new wargame with gators as the army. He asked my input on what color to paint a bottle. I assumed it was a potion bottle and told him red. Turns out it was more a booze bottle, and because of the label it looks like a ketchup bottle now. He even painted a tiny tomato on the label. Turns out this army tends to eat the enemy. It was a humorous and appropriate mishap. 

-I got myself a lunch bag at Target the other day so I could stop schlepping my lunch around in plastic grocery bags. I somehow feel very grown up having a proper lunch sack. I am just ignoring the fact that I got it in the kids back to school section.

-I got some little magnetic clip bookmarks a while ago when we were at Barnes and Nobles picking up a book for Jessie. They are these adorable little monsters that make me smile. Plus now I don't have to keep up with a sticky note or dog ear the pages anymore.

-I got a new bag at Target a few weeks ago. It was cute and big and very my style. I picked up a couple of notebooks and some nice pens as well. All I need is a salt shaker and some matches and I will be pretty much back to where I was with my old bag that got stolen last fall from my car. I just need to see if my netbook will fit in this one. If so I will be one happy camper.

-I am beginning to think my verbena of doom in the front flower bed might not be a super plant after all. I think that there might be some underground source of water that they are feeding on. There really is no other explanation. My grass looks like straw, there is no way those flowers should still be green and blooming.

-I am trying twitter again. I figure with a smart phone I might be able to keep up with it this time round. I still feel mostly like I am listening to one end of a phone conversation. I also mostly feel like I am just talking aloud to myself. There is also the fact that I just don't under stand hash tags. I may need a tutorial which makes me feel lame.

-I finally called the doctor about setting up an appointment for a physical. Our company has been harping on us to get this done. It is not mandatory, but the way they keep stressing over it makes me fear for the cost of my insurance come next year. Problem is I am a new patient so I am having to wait for them to call me back to set up the appointment. Have I mentioned I am currently unable to receive inbound calls on my cell phone? Yea. Lovely.

-North Carolina is actually hell. It is the bane of my existence. It is full of criminals and degenerates. It robs old women of their money and lies to good people. It also makes it impossible to know that it is full of bad people. I have all of this on good authority from multiple sources. Just ask my mother in law about it.

-I think I am mending a very old personal wound and reforming a relationship via a computer game. We will see.

-July is almost over which means I only have about one more month of freedom before I start working on faire again. Our boss at TRF is building a new shop this year so it means we will probably be doing more prep than normal. TRF starting marks the beginning of the end of my down time. TRF leads right into the busy holiday season, which leads right into Scarby prep, which leads right into Scarby, which ends with June. I am glad I like being busy.

-I still haven't figured out what I want to do with my life, but I am working on it in earnest. It feels good and maddening all at the same time. It is hard to keep doing something you hate once you realize and vocalize that you hate it.

-I think I will make the husbeasts favorite pasta dish for dinner. Nothing like a lot of carbs in cream sauce to make the world a brighter place.

-I still want chocolate and booze.


  1. I, too, struggle with Tweet understanding in general, though I'm getting better. PaleoJo recommended this site to get me started:

    Good luck!

  2.  Someone sent me this a while ago, might have been Bean, and it helped, but then I forgot about it. I suppose it is time to give it another look see.