Thursday, October 11, 2012

Closed due to illness

Sorry there has been relative silence on my part this week but I currently am residing in a state of plague. Alright it isn't that bad. I mean I am not having any sort of black spots forming and oozing puss. Nothing like that. Just a good old fashioned sinus infection.

I did however have to go to the ER last night, or was that this morning. Thursday 1 am. Yes, it was this morning. Ok now you are thinking I was lying when I said it wasn't that bad. I suppose the need for the Emergency Room sort of makes it that bad in a manner of speaking. Ok in any reality really.

The thing is I spiked a small 102ish fever around when I went to bed, and that coupled with heavy amounts of decongestants I got severely dehydrated while I slept. Hey don't look at me like that, there is no way to hydrate while you sleep unless you are a fish or on an IV.

Unfortunately when I woke up and realized what was happening I had already hit that yucky point of dehydration where you can't actually drink anything because it makes you want to vomit. You may not know this about me but I don't throw up if I can help it. It's a family thing.

I made the husbeast take me to the ER when I realized I would never be able to hydrate myself. He was not terribly happy about being woken at 1am, but he of course is the good and loving husbeast. He played Bad Piggies on his phone while I slept and let the IV do its job.

After about two hours I woke up and decided I could be nice and turn the TV on for him, but all that was on were infomercials and bad SyFy movies. I couldn't turn it off so we watched a Clive Barker movie in silence. I think it may have improved the movie. Or that could be the fever talking.

Anyways, I was released home and told to take the day off and drink lots of fluids and take a handful of pills that the doctor gave me. I did just what he said and am so glad I did. I still feel shaky and weak but on the upswing.

So this is all to say that I have been sick all week and in no real shape to write anything of significance. Other than this, which I am sure is informative but really rather rubbish in the writing department.

Tune in next week when I hopefully will be all better and will be able to finish off my series on things that influence me and hopefully start on my spooky posts in honor of Halloween.

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