Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beylit and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Do you ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing seems to go right? One of those days where everything you do is wrong and everything around you just seems to fall apart. One of those days where things break in a way that there is no fixing anything leaving you to just sit around and hope nothing else screws up. Yea that was yesterday for me.

I had such a lovely weekend. The husbeast and I went on a mini vacation to Shreveport to the boats. We have both been under a lot of stress and with faire starting for us this week we desperately needed a little down time before we give up all our free time until June. A little lighthearted gambling was just what we needed.

We came home Sunday night relaxed and content. By 7:30am Monday morning any calm I had achieved was totally gone. That has to be some sort of record considering I only woke up at 7am. All of it gone out the window with one simple text letting me know that there was a crisis waiting for me at work. That is the way I love to start my day.

I wish I could say that work was the only thing troubling me, but alas that would have just made it a typical Monday, and not a day really worth complaining about. No on top of work pretty much remaining at the halt it has been at for over a week, add into that a nice fight with my mortgage company. It is the same fight I have to have with them every year at this time when the magically lose our flood insurance and start suddenly charging us an extra $500 a month for their own lender placed policy.

I also came across a startling and upsetting realization that I completely screwed up while trying to rebook our reservations for the hotel last weekend. In the end instead of having a free nights stay I actually cost us $30. I know it is not much, but in my head it is more like $170 and still incredibly stupid. I hate wasting money.

By lunch I was so agitated and cranky I decided to run across the street and work out for a bit to try and work off some of the anger. That is a healthy way to channel my angst. Before I even left the office though I realized I couldn't find my headphones anywhere. My moderately expensive and comfortable headphones of joy had apparently fallen out of my purse at the hotel. I had to borrow ear buds from my friend in the office. I discovered to my dismay that ear buds (because my head phones go over my ears not in them) cause me to be able to hear my own heartbeat and breathing when working out. Both are incredibly distracting.

Still I went and worked out. It was the right thing to do. No good deed goes unpunished though. I was rewarded by this positive activity by limping back into the office with a pulled calf muscle and still  being every bit as cranky as I was when I headed to the gym.

Then I discovered that I didn't have the microwave lunch in my cupboard at work like I thought I did, so the main component of my lunch was non existent. I ended up eating all my sides and my yogurt that was supposed to be a snack for lunch, and later having to eat a pack of peanuts out of my purse to keep from stabbing anyone from hunger rage.

I managed to get through the grocery store after work without incident, and was really just ready for the day to end. I just wanted to make dinner and then sit on the couch watching TV for the rest of the night. I started prepping the pork chops to cook, and realized only a moment too late that I had not grabbed the pepper can out of the spice cabinet. I sat there staring down at the thick brownish red coating on my pork chop inhaling the sweet smell of cinnamon and began cursing so loud I scared the cat that was napping at my feet.

I managed to wash most of the cinnamon off, and thankfully the mild cinnamon flavor that infected the meat was mostly complimentary. If the husbeast did not like it he was wise enough not to comment on the flavor after I admitted my mistake to him. I couldn't avoid it, he could smell the cinnamon in the air when he walked in the door.

By the time dinner was done I was really ready to just curl up on the couch with an entire carton of ice cream and a spoon. I sort of wanted to drown out the day in empty calories and tell the world where they could shove it. Instead I had a salad. It wasn't as satisfying but at least I wasn't having to deal with guilt over my bad coping habits.

Thankfully today things seem to be better. I can't recover monies lost, I can't actually fix work, the battle with the mortgage company is ongoing, I am suffering with ear buds in my ears until I can afford new headphones, my calf hurts like hell anytime I walk, but that is not stopping my day from being better than yesterday.

Today I have my lunch of tasty leftovers. Today I have something to occupy my work day. Today my office smells like freshly baking cookies. Today is game day so I can let my leg rest and not feel guilty about not working out. Today things are getting done.

It is a damn good thing yesterdays don't stick around to todays.

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