Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Accentuate the positive

I have hit a point where my to do list has more things on it than there are hours in my day to complete them. I have the frustration of being in charge of things but in control of nothing. I am constantly tired and feel worn thin. I am trying to keep everyone happy while still getting things done properly.

In short life is exhausting.

Even though I am sore and tired and frustrated this is a good day. Always remember to focus on the good.

-This morning I woke up snuggled up against the husbeast with the kitten nestled into my neck purring loudly and my old man cat curled up against my back snoring softly.

-The first thing I was greeted with when I crawled out of bed was the happy tail thumping of my dog waiting to say good morning to me.

-The music on the radio during my commute was fabulous and kept me smiling and dancing the entire way to the office.

-I did not get stuck behind any stupid drivers.

-My breakfast was warm and tasty and satisfying.

-I get to see friends tonight in a completely social capacity where my only responsibility is making tacos.

-I get to have tacos for dinner.

-I just hit 80,000 words on my current writing project.

-Work is quiet and undemanding so I can allow my brain to relax.

-I finally beat level 260 on Candy Crush

-It is sunny and warm outside so I can take a nice leisurely stroll around the building on my lunch break.


  1. I love the positive attitude in this post. It's really so inspiring and just what I needed to read today.

  2. Some days you have to look at the good things