Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful people

Pretty is something you are born with. Beautiful is an equal opportunity adjective.

It is a rather simple concept to grasp when you think about it.

Pretty is a physical condition. People are born pretty (or in some cases people buy pretty whether in the form of lots of cosmetics and products or going straight for surgery). Pretty is something that has a lot of emphasis put on it. Everyone wants to be pretty. Everyone wants to have that external physical attractiveness that others appreciate.

It is a societal sort of necessity almost.
Physically attractive people are viewed as being more successful and happier. They are the ones with multiple homes and cars drinking and dancing the night away with celebrities and taking alpine ski vacations in Switzerland as a weekend whim. Or at least this is what the media sells us every day of our lives.

There was a show on TLC a while ago that was about families with fat children. The families would go in, be told how they were ruining their childrens lives by allowing them to have these unhealthy habits, and then spend a few weeks reprogramming the families to eat healthy and exercise and not spend so much time with video games and television. It was a decent concept. I mean playing outside and eating carrots beats the hell out of 8 hours straight of Mario Cart (or whatever kids today play) and cheetohs (they are orange like carrots that counts right?).

Well the part of this show that always bothered me was they used age progression software to show what the children would be like at age 30. In the beginning the kids were always fat, they always had mullets, multiple piercings and tattoos, bad clothes, and no futures. It basically said if you are fat you are unemployable and have no fashion sense. The second progression always showed them thin and healthy in designer suits with perfect hair.

What the hell?
There is that whole media telling us we have to be physically a certain way in order to be happy and successful.
That is a bunch of crap quite honestly. I know perfectly happy healthy well adjusted individuals who are by no means thin or model like. They would never be pictured on a magazine as a "pretty" person.

You know what? That is fine by me.

You see you do not have to be pretty to be beautiful.
Beauty is something that is not physical. Sure you can be pretty and beautiful, but you do not have to be. I mean really pretty is a very subjective word, and everyone has a different definition of pretty, but pretty still is only skin deep.

Beauty is so much more. It is a softness, a kindness, an energy almost. It is something that radiates from a persons eyes and smile, it is a warmth given off in their very being. Beauty is not something you can buy, it is not something that can be captured in a photograph to be plastered on a magazine, it is not something tangible. It just is beauty.

I have some of the most awesomely beautiful people in my life. I could never list them all or probably even pinpoint what it is about them that makes them so beautiful, but I know they are. It is almost overwhelming to be surrounded by such things.

Not everyone can be pretty. 
Anyone can be beautiful.
I will take beautiful over pretty any day of the week.

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