Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dream a little dream

My dreams are epic.

No really they are things of sprawling grandiose glory that would make a James Cameron movie look like a low budget B movie. Not to slight Mr Cameron's work (though I have yet to see Avatar and probably never will due to motion sickness issues), but my dreams are just amazing.

For years I have said that if you could somehow hook my dreaming brain up so that it would broadcast my dreams, I would be a millionaire. Of course that is not the safest idea for me. Sometimes my dreams are very mundane and others incredibly embarrassing. I have more than my fair share of naked in public at the first day of school with no homework dreams.

What do you want? They can not all be blockbusters.

Most of my dreams though are things of beauty.
I have been known to have a dream for months and months at a time. Each night when I lay down the dream starts again where I left off. It is like my own television series in my head with a new episode every night (not to mention commercial free).
Sometimes I have the exact same dream every night. The same events rehash themselves for me everytime I close my eyes. This is more annoying than epic and awesome, though it can be incredibly upsetting and disturbing. One of my least favorite recurring dreams was watching myself be disemboweled as a form of execution. Not really the makings of restful sleep there.

I dream in color, I dream in black and white, I dream in languages I do not necessarily speak. I have had dreams in French with English subtitles, French with French subtitles, and English with French subtitles.

I have lived entire lives in dreams. Years have spanned by where I lived through mundane moments as well as the grand moments; births and deaths, weddings and divorces, great wars, holidays by the sea, and even alien abductions.

I am fairly certain there is nothing my brain can not manage to come up with in my sleep.

On the odd occasion I will write some of these dreams out. Stephen King does it and look where it has gotten him. I might not be able to directly show you my dreams but I certainly can try to capture some of them in print (this also allows me to edit out those embarrassing naked dreams).

Recently I completed writing out one of my television series like dreams. The dreams lasted over seven months and it took me nearly a year to write it all out, but I managed it. It is the most epic dream I have ever had, and the most epic thing I have ever written. 170,000 words. That could be a book.

I let some people read it, and they seemed pleased by it which makes me happy. I can not help but to think though that they really don't know how amazing it was for me. I am not sure that my words really can give justice to the images in my head.

It was still epic.

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  1. It was a good dream, and I'm glad I got to see all the twists and turns. All that hard work into putting it into words is very appreciated!