Monday, May 9, 2011

Love is

Love is:

Giving up the remote knowing that you will end up watching a show you hate but will make them happy.

Driving through rush hour traffic in the opposite direction of home just to get the specific flavor of drink they want.

A hand reaching out in the middle of the night just to touch you.

Foot massages after long hot sweaty days before a shower.

Eating the fast food you hate because they always eat the fast food you love.

Doing their chores because you know they had a bad day.

Finding your favorite candy on your spot on the couch.

Staying awake 3 hours longer just to see them when they get home after being gone overnight.

Cooking their favorite meal when you are exhausted and would rather order pizza.

Making sure not to eat the last of the cookies they like.

Baking a batch of cookies for them and not sharing with anyone else.


Letting someone pet you because they need the contact even if you are not up for it.

Love is all the hard things you don't like, but don't mind because it means that the person you care about is happier for it, which makes you happier in the end.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is hard.
Love is ugly.
Love is everything including the bad stuff.
Love is worth it all.

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  1. At my house, love is listening to certain bagpipes and fiddles and lowland Scots dialect. It's keeping Mt. Dew in the fridge and getting out of bed earlier than necessary just to let the other person stretch out. It is good.