Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wander where you will

My mind likes to wander about quite more often than it probably should. I find myself often lost in the strangest thought with no real clue how it is that I arrived at such a topic in my mind. I am sure there is some sort of logical progression that has me suddenly thinking about Dutch wooden shoes one moment, and recipes for eggs the next, but I really could not tell you what the exact path was that got me there.

Sometimes I find myself off in little day dream like fantasies about all manner of things like installing rain gutters on the side of my house, or experimental recipes, or being famous, or zombie invasions (like you don't think about it too). These are fun and good and all, but they do have a tendency to take up a great deal of time and distract me from what it is I am doing.

Thankfully I have an office job that is depressingly dull. I spend gads of time scrolling through databases and spread sheets looking for tiny little things to fix. For example, today I spent about three hours scrolling through an eviction database so I could manually delete all the instances where 'st' or 'ln' or 'plc' had been entered, or fix wherever someone decided it was easier to type 'bch' instead of beach or 'twp' instead of township. It is mind numbingly boring. I mean granted I occasionally find some amusing typo's, but for the most part it is really really boring.

So while I am busy doing gratuitously repetitive job functions, my brain will wander off on its own to amuse itself and keep from convincing me that sepaku is actually a valid idea in the modern business world. It helps pass the time and it keeps me from going insane (or any more so than I already am).

I have discovered though that there is one place where my mind seems to refuse to wander off.
The gym.
As I am plugging away on the elliptical machine, sweating and panting and wishing for death, my brain will do nothing more than focus on the unpleasant task at hand. It seems to be obstinately determined to focus on the one thing I do not want to think about. There are no pleasant mundane day dreams, or crazed wild fantasies to help distract me and make my time pass faster. Ohh no, anything but that. My brain is focused in on every slow agonizing minute of my work out.

I think my brain is some sort of workout masochist.

Workouts aside though, my brain is happy to go off where it likes.
Just now I found myself staring blankly at the screen and not typing, but instead remembering a particularly annoying speed trap that we drove through every day on our way to school when I was in High School. No clue why I just thought of that. I did though.

I suppose it is best not to really question the mechanics of my mind. If I get to curious my brain might punish me by making me suffer through evictions as it makes me suffer through my workouts. And that, well that would just be unbearable.

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  1. This morning, on my drive to work, I was suddenly reminded of the second time I attempted karaoke, where I thought "Army" by Ben Folds was a good idea, but I didn't come in at the right time, and was off rhythm and couldn't fix it, and then my friend Andrew was clapping out the beat for me in the audience to help get me back on track & it was so very embarassing, and yet, I still think karaoke is fun... no idea why that popped into my head this morning. I blame my Highlights Reel...