Monday, August 13, 2012


I always find it incredibly annoying when an otherwise happy and productive weekend is brought to a crashing halt by illness. That is right, I spent half of my weekend sick. It is never fun being sick, but on a weekend? That is like getting sick on vacation. It just isn't right.

My Saturday was a lovely day. I spent the entire day bumming about town with the husbeast trying to solve the quandary of home media storage. Turns out I have a thing for movies and it seems a little impractical to not have them in a centralized storage. That issue is really big enough for another post so I will leave it there.

We ended the day with friends at a pub, though that was under very sad circumstances. One of our people, well actually two since we are friends with both brother and sister, lost their father this last week. The sister wanted moral support while she was in town, and so we gathered to raise a glass in honor of her father, and be near her.

Still it was time with friends which is always a good way to end a day no matter the reason. I like my people. I like spending time with them. It is a good thing.

Sometime around 1:30am Sunday I awoke from a very sound sleep with rippling stomach pains. Not the 'I ate something that disagreed with me' stomach pains, but the deep penetrating rolling pains that come with a stomach bug.

I should note that I hate throwing up. I don't know anyone who likes it mind you, but I hate it. I will do anything in my power to not throw up. Even if I know I will feel better by throwing up, I will actively avoid it. I get this habit from my mother. By the end of the night I was actively trying to throw up to make the pain go away and allow me to sleep. I ended up napping in the guest room so I wouldn't keep the husbeast up all night long. I am not pleasant when I am sick and so I don't need a cranky sleep deprived husbeast having to try and take care of my less than pleasant sick self.

Sunday's plans were lost to a haze of sickness. I curled up on the couch with my laptop and Doctor Who, apple juice close at hand, and a couple of infusions of ramen to make it through the day. I wasn't actively sick, I just felt horrible. The husbeast kept telling me I was running hot, and I must have been because I asked for a blanket even though it was probably 80 degrees in the house.

While today I feel mostly better, I am still having twinges of sick. I am also exhausted, which I find to be a rather annoying side effect of illness. I didn't do anything yesterday but lay on the couch. Why is it then that I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday? Now I am missing work because I am just too tired to go.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling human enough to head back to work. In the meantime I will lay here with my apple juice and my Doctor Who and recover like a good girl. Good thing I like apple juice and Doctor Who.

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