Monday, April 1, 2013

Another year passes

Yesterday was my second blogoversary. In some ways it feels like I have been writing this blog a lot longer and in others it feels like I have only just started. Time is a very strange thing in my head. Nothing ever seems to sync up for me.

This is such a great thing for me. I still love writing it. I think I actually enjoy it now more than I did when I started. At first I was unsure of what I was doing and incredibly nervous. Now it seems very natural to me. Of course writing has always seemed pretty natural to me.

I have more readers now than I did even a year ago. I rarely ever get comments on the blog but I get comments on my Facebook and G+ and in person all the time. I know you are all out there pondering your minionship with me.

I am often amazed by my stats. I know they are mostly useless, but I like to pretend like they are even a little accurate sometimes. It is good for my ego to think that they are actually what they say they are. Seriously though if they are even half of what they say I am happy.

I have a lot of writing in me still and have some posts rumbling around in my head just now. I get to share my big Secret Squirrel sewing mission, and my faire adventures, and my thoughts on friendship, and bravery coming up here in the next few weeks. I am sure I will also be struck by inspiration along the way and post about something cool and random.

So I am glad you all have stuck around this long and really hope that you continue on with me in the future. Thanks, and I hope you keep enjoying the ride.

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