Friday, April 26, 2013


Somewhere in my head I think I have written something like this before, but just by skimming post titles I have come up with nothing. I may want to look into the use of tags in my posts. I think that is more effort than I am capable of just now. We shall see.

Anyways, some quirky things about me:

- I am a sock sock, shoe shoe, sort of person. If socks are involved with my shoe choice, and being a girl they so are not always in the mix, I have to put on both socks before I put on my shoes. The husbeast is a sock shoe, sock shoe, person most of the time. Actually I don't really think he has that much of a routine, but I have noted him doing it more often than not.

I think it is weird.

- Speaking of socks, I can not wear my socks inside out. I know no one can see them, and they don't so much feel different, but I just can not do it. I will take all the extra time in the world to turn my socks right side out before I put them on even if it means I will run late.

- If I choose to put a condiment such as ketchup on my plate for the purpose of dipping my food in it, such as for fries, I will always put less than what I need so there will not be leftovers. If there is say ketchup left on the plate after the fries are gone I feel the need to still eat the ketchup. I like ketchup but I don't like the looks I get from other diners.

- I can not sleep in a bed if the covers are not straight. I have actually gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to fix the covers so I could sleep. I also can not sleep if I am sharing the bed with someone and they are not laying properly in the bed.

Sometimes to annoy me the husbeast will slide himself and his pillow about a foot down in the bed so our heads are no longer even. I think he just likes to see how worked up I get by this action. I mean I get really worked up and I admit it is probably funny to watch.

- I can not listen to people talking on the radio when I am in a car. It doesn't matter how interesting or informative it is, if it is not music I can not stand it. Making myself listen to a traffic report is almost painful. I will listen to music I hate over listening to a commercial. Morning shows are so horrible. I typically keep a CD in my cars stereo or my iPod plugged in ready to go in case all of my presets hit a commercial break at the same time. When I ride with other people and they are talk radio listeners I have to restrain myself from asking them to turn it off.

- I have a fear of heights that is so bad that I have panic attacks watching shows with people doing things like rock climbing. I have been known to freak out at people telling stories of doing something involving heights. I have some difficulty standing at the railing on the second floor. I have however started to master standing on chairs and small step ladders.

- I memorize Trivial Pursuit cards for fun. 

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  1. I'm right there with you on the bed covers thing.