Friday, April 12, 2013


Remember back in early December when I had a terrible dusting accident and slit my wrist open? No you skipped that post? What do you mean you have slept since then? Fine. Go click the link and I will give you a moment to refresh your memory.

Are we all on the same page now? Fabulous.

It has been almost five months since I tried to kill myself while dusting. It really was one of my more impressive moments of absurd klutzyness. I can hopefully not top it later on. I've already lost a small portion of my pinky and slit my wrist open. I am all for not playing the escalation game here.

I do have a lovely scar to remind me of how accident prone I can be.

Random side note: Did you know that the adhesive bandage we use now for little cuts and scrapes was invented by a man for his incredibly accident prone wife? She was always getting little cuts and scrapes and he wanted a way for her to be able to quickly and easily bandage herself without all the fuss of gauze and tape. Thus bandaids as we think of them were born.

The scar is pretty impressive. It is thankfully off center enough that it doesn't look like a failed suicide attempt. It doesn't really look to me like it is going to fade anytime soon. The husbeast disagrees with me saying it is the right color to fade nicely. I think he knows way too much about scars or is totally full of it. Guess which way I am leaning.

The weird thing though is that the scar still hurts and itches on a fairly regular basis. I only have had one other significant scar, from an appendectomy, and it never felt like this. I sometimes get phantom pains in the appendectomy scar region, but nothing like this.

My wrist scar itches and hurts the way the wound did in that first month of healing. There really isn't anything I can do for it either. I spend a lot of time putting pressure on the scar in hopes that the sensation will go away quickly.

It sort of makes me wonder if there isn't something wrong with it. Like maybe it didn't heal right. Maybe the inner portion of the cut healed up wonky. Maybe I should have gone and let a doctor ffix me up instead of relying on super glue to fix me.

Or more likely this is perfectly normal and I am just being paranoid and should suck it up.

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  1. Try wearing one of those wrist bandages, you know, the ones that you purchase at the CVS made from ace bandage material and with a hole for your fingers and thumb. It'll help as it will apply constant pressure to your wrist and your previously super glued cut. Wear the bandage for approximately 10 days or at least while you are at work, if you cannot wear it during your Ren Faire stints.