Thursday, August 8, 2013

Escape plan

I need a vacation. I need away from the job and from the house remodel and just everything in general. I just need to be away, even if it is just for a few days. Sometimes we all need a little escape, and I am definitely in need.

My idea of a vacation doesn't normally line up with other peoples ideas of vacation. The things I find fun and relaxing tend to differ from normal people. I don't day dream of the same sorts of escapes as most of my friends do, and I really never have.

I am never going to plan a trip to Disney, or Six Flags, or anything involving a theme park. Maybe someday when I have children that will change, but as long as it is just me and the husbeast we will not be going to such destinations. I find theme parks in general to be pointless.

For one thing I can't ride any of the rides. Between my vertigo and bad back rides are just not an option. Have you ever been to a theme park and not been able to go on a single ride? It gets really dull really quickly. There isn't enough to occupy me to constitute an entire vacation centered around it.

I don't camp so that eliminates a lot of vacation ideas. Seriously if there is not a climate controlled bug free place for me to sleep and a private indoor bathroom involved, I am right out. I don't mind hiking and being out in nature, I just have no interest in staying out in nature 24 hours a day. My idea of roughing it is a questionable Motel 6.

I also really have very little interest in going to the beach. I don't like going into natural bodies of water, especially if I can't see in it. I can handle standing on the beach at the point where the water laps up over my feet, but that is about the extent of my interest in the ocean. I won't go on a boat because of my motion sickness so that cuts out a lot of activities there. Also the overwhelming presence of seafood makes dining less of an adventure and more of a chore.

I could however totally get behind the idea of renting a cabin in the woods or a beach house on a private beach somewhere. The idea of being alone someplace quiet for a few days is nice. It is really nice. It is actually the nicest thing in the world.

I really like the idea of just being alone with a big stack of books and nothing pressing to do. Being able to take nice quiet walks with the husbeast and just be alone together would be lovely. Cooking simple food and having a little peace and quiet would just be sublime. Just a few days of nothing and no one.

I know lots of people who wouldn't consider that a vacation. They would say that going someplace and doing nothing isn't much of an adventure or a good time. They would argue that you have to do things for it to be a vacation.

While I agree that sometimes that is what a vacation needs, action, adventure, and touristee stuff, that is not all a vacation is. I would say that they have never been so tired and done that they just need nothing for a bit. I would say they are lucky.

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