Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random thoughts on pain and driving

- I wonder sometimes if I will ever remember everything I should about the husbeast. One would think that after a reasonable amount of time I would be able to recall basic important information about him. One would think after being a couple for 13 years I would be able to remember something as simple as he is immune to hydrocodone. One would be wrong.

Last week the husbeast had all of his wisdom teeth removed. While this is not a fun event for most people it was especially bad for him. You see the husbeast is apparently part shark because he had eight wisdom teeth instead of the standard four most people have. He just can't be normal.

They only planned to remove the first set on Friday but once they got in there the plan changed. It turned out the second set was completely hollow. They were just shells of teeth. The dentist decided that since he was under already they would just remove them. This of course required them to drill out the shells.

Needless to say having eight teeth removed (five of them being drilled out) left him in a lot of pain once the anesthesia completely wore off. Of course I was good and had his prescription filled and the pills in him before the numbness wore off to help keep him from being in too much pain. Only I forgot that key fact about him being immune to hydrocodone, so in reality he had nothing in him to block the pain.

I called the doctor back in a bit of a panic as he paced around the house growling in pain. I wasn't really sure what to do but we needed to do it fast. The husbeast is a big man and doesn't respond well when you can actually cause him pain.

The nurse answered and told me that the doctor was in surgery and would get back to me later (which he never did) and to give the husbeast ibuprofen to try and cut the pain. I was not convinced that this was going to really do much but who was I to argue at this point. I was starting to feel desperate.

Thankfully a handful of ibuprofen later he was just fine. I was surprised that was all it took, though after 13 years I should probably learn not to be surprised. Lets see if next time he needs prescription pain meds that I remember to tell the doctor hydrocodone doesn't work.

- I really hate driving. I always have. When I was 17 I got my drivers license only because my brother was graduating and I didn't want to go back to taking the bus to school. I had no other real incentive to drive. I just didn't want to.

I am not a terrible driver, but I am not a great driver either. My total lack of depth perception makes me nervous and sometimes overly cautious. I drive slower than other drivers would like me to and leave greater distances between myself and other vehicles which also annoy my fellow drivers.

Also driving at night is pretty much right out. Oncoming lights blind me completely and I can rarely make out the lines on the road. Pretty much I am night blind when it comes to actually driving my car. This is even with my glasses on (which don't help my night driving no matter what my doctor said).

Rain also is a bad thing for me when it comes to driving. It is not the slick roads so much as the limited vision. There are places where the lines on the road are invisible once they get wet. I  have no idea where my car is supposed to be and it freaks me right the hell out. Can you imagine what dirving in the rain at night is like for me?

I also can't handle driving over those super tall overpasses on high ways. You know the ones in mixmasters that are four stories off the ground and are giant sweeping curves of concrete through the sky. I have trouble being a passenger in a car going over one of those. If I have to drive I typically white knuckle the steering wheel and go about 20 miles an hour while hyperventilating. I can't help it. I am terrified of heights.

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  1. 1. I feel your pain with the pain issue. Hydrocodone will knock me out, but that's the only pain dulling it does. I can't function, work or anything else, so I prefer not to take it if possible. Ibuprofen is best for pain, and I can still function.
    2. Driving. I'm a decent driver. I don't like driving at night, for similar reasons, people with their SUPER BRIGHT blinding halogen or blue LED headlights tend to make me angry as well as blinded. Deer, and truckers are another reason. Also, I suffer from Highway Hypnosis. And I totally feel you on the overpasses and bridges. There's this one bridge in Lake Charles LA, on I-10, goes over the lake and is SUPER tall. There's another one down in Matagorda County to cross over the Gulf, and the I-45 Bridge into Galveston Island - also SUPER high and curvy. I'm terrified of Heights too, and now, I'm in a Moving Death trap over WATER...yeah, Not my idea of FUN.
    So yeah, totally with you on this one girl. FML too!