Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The allure of confidence

Monday nights during faire season are normally very difficult for us. Weekends are long and rather exhausting. We never get much sleep Sunday night and almost always have to be up early for a long day of work Monday. So typically Monday night is reserved for take out and the DVR.

This week is Halloween though so everyone everywhere is doing something with that in mind. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday so it makes it very hard to resist these sorts of things no matter how tired I am. Which is how I found myself at Open Stage last night spending time with my favorite circus freaks.

The show was fun as always, but it was very heavy on the burlesque numbers (including one Army of Darkness themed Boylesque number which was fantastic). I don't mind burlesque at all. It is actually a lot of fun to watch, and the performers are really good.

Watching them got me thinking. The thing that really made these women, and man, so entertaining, so good, was not that they were drop dead gorgeous or perfectly built. The girls were heavier set and covered in tattoos and the guy was tall and lanky almost to the point of gangly. What made them so very attractive and so enjoyable to watch was partially their skill, but mostly their confidence.

Everything about these people screamed that they were something amazing and you should be looking at them. The energy they sent out said that you could not take your eyes off of them and what they were doing was great. They knew that they were sexy and you couldn't help but to agree with them.

That sort of confidence is intoxicating. I have been told for years that confidence is sexy, and in the case of burlesque I mean that quite literally. People who believe in themselves no matter what are always more attractive. It is almost infectious. It is something that draws people to you.

Now you must be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance or allow the former to morph into the latter. There is a line where you go from being confident to being arrogant that you shouldn't ever step over. Arrogance is not attractive. Arrogance is more of a turn off than anything.

Still I look at people with that sort of confidence and I can not help but envy it. I don't have that much faith in myself. I could never do anything like that even if I did have the skill for it. My insecurities are far too rampant for something like that.

In the end though it makes me admire people with that confidence even more. Perhaps it even makes me enjoy people with that sort of confidence more. We are after all often drawn to things we do not or can not have.

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