Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life of late

January has been a month of thinky thoughts. I find it difficult to sleep for the thoughts that will creep in as I am going to sleep. It also makes it hard to write posts when you can't really nail down your own thoughts. I have plenty of ideas, just nothing I can solidify. So that is my brief excuse for recent radio silence.

Since I can't decide on any one thing, or focus for too long, I am going to make a couple of  notes that I have been thinking on.

- Many of you may know that I have had issues at work for a while now. About seven months ago I was involuntarily moved from the position I have been in for five years to a position I knew nothing about and had no desire to know about. It was less than fun.

Since mid June I have been pretty well miserable at the office. I couldn't really figure out what I was supposed to be doing. I was expected to learn everything about a new process as well as everything about our product immediately. It turns out that neither is an easy task. Our product is very complicated and the process was counter intuitive.

Since August I was dealing with management telling me they would fix it in a couple of weeks. It was a phrase that I grew to despise. I was pretty much miserable for months. It was bad. It was really bad.

As of January 6th I am finally back into my old position. I am so incredibly happy about this. Like I did a little dance in my cube when I got the email saying I could go back to my old position. It was amazing.

In the week and a half since I have been back I have been happily busy the entire time. I have worked through lunches and worked late and never even noticed it. I have discovered that the simple fact that I feel competent makes such an amazing difference in my life.

- I have been wanting to have a change for  a while now. Part of that desire came from my unhappiness at work, and partially just because I am bored. I tapped into my inner girly girl and decided that I needed to do something to my hair.

Normally I would have cut it. This wasn't an option. For one thing faire is coming up and for another the husbeast isn't fond of short hair. We both try to not do anything the other would dislike terribly; he keeps facial hair for me, I keep my hair at least chin length.

With the hair cut out of the question I decided on the most obvious solution; color. This also tricky because of faire and work. Both require me to have natural colored hair. I mean at work I could probably get away with a streak of something weird for very short term, but that won't fly at faire. Considering my hair holds color forever I don't really want to chance having blue stuck in my hair.

In the end I decided to go as radically different as I could. My hair in naturally dark brown. I have a lot of red in there naturally, but it is pretty well just dark brown. With this in mind I decided to see if blonds really do have more fun. Besides my mom is a blond so it should work.

I didn't go all over blond, but instead did highlights. Lots and lots of very blond highlights in my dark brown hair. There is still a little more brown in their than I would like. When I braid my hair it looks like a brownie with pale swirl through it. My hair line around my face is also completely brown. Both of these things are going to be remedied.

When it is finished I will post pictures. Not sure if I love it or not, but it is fun and different and that is all that really matters.

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  1. Yea! Work happiness is very important.