Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Useful things

It has been a week of "Well what am I supposed to do about this?". Most of my problems were fixed by home remedies that I am so glad I knew about. So I will share them with you (and some other useful tips), my minions, in case you find yourself in need.

Good things to know:

- When you drop your phone or iPod or remote (or any small electronic device really) in water, or wash them, or the cat knocks water onto them, or you leave them out in the rain, placing said item in rice really does help dry it out and may save it. Don't turn it back on until after the rice has worked its magic.

- When you break a light bulb off while it is in the socket you really can get the end out by using half a potato. If you don't have half a potato make sure the power is off to the light (unplug the lamp or trip the breaker) you can use pliers to get out the broken end as well.

- Dryer sheets can be rubbed on most surfaces to remove static electricity. Wiping down your couches, clothes you are wearing, and occasionally a cat (no I have never done this to my cats though I know someone who does do it because her extra fluffy cat goes around shocking people and himself all the time) can prevent those unpleasant shocks.

- A slice of sandwich bread in your bag of cookies or crackers will keep them from going stale.

- Mustard doesn't go bad. It is made of vinegar, mustard seed, and salt (and some food coloring I am sure). If you leave it out it will get crusty and may separate but it is still edible. Discard the crust and mix it back up and it is still good.

- Moldy cheese is also still good. As long as you can shave off the moldy part and find non molded cheese underneath you are good to go. (Don't eat the moldy bits).

- Vodka can be used in place of Febreze. I suggest the cheap vodka of course. It will kill the bacteria that causes odor and it will dry without leaving a stain or any scent behind. 1 cup of water to 1/2 cup of vodka in a spray bottle will do the trick.

- Placing your phone inside a bowl or plastic cup will amplify the sound and make an instant speaker.

- A lemon salt scrub in the kitchen is great for removing the smell of onions and garlic from your hands after cooking. Never use this if you have cuts on your hands or torn cuticles. You are better off with smelly hands than pouring salt and lemon juice into an open cut. 


  1. Definitely going to try the lemon salt scrub!

  2. It works amazingly well. Fresh smelling hands and they are a little softer for the exfoliating power of salt. It just is incredibly unpleasant when you realize you had a cut on your hands. Of course if you are looking for cuts on your hand then that works too.