Wednesday, October 19, 2011

But why?

We were rather unexpectedly visited last night by some friends who were in town for a doctors appointment for their two month old daughter. Now it was the husbeasts best friend, who might as well be his brother, and his girls are our god daughters, so we are always happy to see them.

Sweet sleeping baby girl.
Jorja is only two months old, so seeing her was rather uneventful. Poor little thing had been at the hospital all day being poked and prodded and having tests run on her. She was out cold for the majority of the visit. I still took advantage of the moment and snapped a couple of pictures of her while she slept. Much like the husbeast, she is easier to photograph while sleeping. Go figure.

Now Jorja's older sister is Miss Emma Grace. Emma will be 4 next Tuesday. She is a very sweet and polite little girl. She is very loving although she is frightened of men. She loves the husbeast, don't get me wrong, she is just terrified of him. When he is on the phone she will talk to him forever. I am told she takes the phone to her room and sets it on the table and talks at it while she plays with her dolls. It doesn't matter that she can't hear him, it is more about him hearing her.

When she gets in the same room with him though it is a different story. She won't get within two feet of him, even when he tries to bribe her with sweets. He will ask for a hug and she will hide behind someone else and say she doesn't want to hug him. She will tell him she loves him, but only if he is on the other side of the room. I am certain it is a phase she will eventually grow out of, but for now it is very cute.

She is poised to ask another question.
She has no problem with me whatsoever. She came in and immediately crawled onto the couch next to me and started asking me questions. I am informed this is the question stage that most children go through. I do have to say that at least the majority of her questions are more than your typical "But why?". She puts a lot of thought into the questions she asks. Now granted most of her questions are about the color of things, and are questions she has already asked at least a dozen times, but she thinks about them every time. The funny thing is she doesn't always think and then ask. Often she will start to ask the question and not know what she will ask, so she sort of thinks out loud. "Aunt Megan? What...err...why it...what kind of...umm...what...umm...does the...why...umm...what...color is your two cats?" This process is on going.

It was a good visit, and I do wish I got to see the girls more. Emma is growing up fast and I am sure I will miss a lot of her growing up which is sad. I do not think though that I will miss missing more of the question phase.

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