Friday, October 21, 2011

A happy institution

Sunday is my wedding anniversary. As of two days from now we will have been married for 7 years. It also marks 11 years of us being together. That is roughly 1/3 of my life. When I think about it that way it seems like a lot longer. As it is I can barely remember a time without him in my life. I mean sure we started dating my sophomore year of college, so there really was not a lot of time before him, but still that seems like an odd statement to make.

I really am just as much in love with him now as I was back then as a dumb 19 year old kid who really desperately wanted a boyfriend. I would go so far as to say I am more in love with him now because we have been through so very much together already. I will not say that I always like him, because that would be a flat out lie. There are days I don't like him much at all, but I always love him. The times he makes me smile far out weigh the times I want to smother him in his sleep with a pillow. That counts as a win in my book.

He most likely will not remember that Sunday is our anniversary until I remind him Sunday morning when I wake him up. That is alright with me as I am not one of those women who get fixated on anniversaries. I've tried to celebrate in the past and it is often more of an inconvenience than anything else. When we go to New Orleans in a few weeks for his birthday we will call that our anniversary trip as well. It is close enough to count.

Looking back now on the last 7 (11) years I am really amazed at some of the things we have been through, and the things I have learned. If I could go back and tell myself a few things I think it would be this:

- Yes you will get used to his snoring shaking the walls. Then he will stop snoring. Don't question it, just enjoy it.

- No you will probably never stop being bitter and angry about the fiasco that your wedding was. You will however accept the good from the day.

- Sometimes you have to let him walk away. He will always come back.

- He hates sandwiches, don't waste your time packing his lunch.

- Trust him when he says you will like something. He knows you so much better than you think he does.

- "In a minute" will never actually mean that.

- The little white duck song makes everything better.

- Breath. Even in a moment of complete crisis you still have each other and everything will work out in the end.

- Silliness makes everything more bearable.

- He is stubborn. Be more stubborn than he is.

- That 'for better or worse' thing means just that. The worse is bad, but the better is better. It is so worth it.

- Never try and share a double bed. You will never fit comfortably.

- He really is oblivious when other women hit on him. Don't let it get to you.

I am sure there is more I would tell myself, mostly about saving money and taking better care of myself, but knowing me I wouldn't listen. Of course I could be wrong.

Any way you look at it these last seven years have been what they were because he is by my side. There have been good times and bad times, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. He makes me be a better person, and he makes me smile. Even in our worst moments I still couldn't imagine not having him by my side. I love him and that is all that matters.

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  1. I can certainly hear you on a few of those things you've learned :-)

    Happy Anniversary for Sunday!