Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Breakfast victory

I am nearly 32 years old and I have just in the last month figured out how to properly make a bowl of cereal. Yea I know how absurd that sentence sounds. Cereal is pretty much a no-brainer. Pour desired amount of cereal in a bowl, cover in preferred variety of milk (we are a 2% household even though I would love to be in a whole milk household), and voila you have cereal.

Nothing is actually that easy. Ever.

You see I have always suffered from the problem of too much milk. You know what I am talking about. You pour in your milk and start eating and suddenly there is no cereal left in the bowl, but an entire bowls worth of milk. Now you have the option of throwing out the milk or drinking it. Not being one for waste and adoring milk I typically drink it.

I still always find it annoying though. I don't actually want to drink a full bowl of milk after eating a full bowl of cereal. It always has seemed excessive. I don't mind drinking a little of the milk after my cereal is gone, but not a lot. Milk is very filling after all.

So the solution should just be to pour less milk right? Have you ever ended up with a bowl or cereal that didn't have enough milk in it? That is almost worse than too much milk. I mean with too much milk sure your cereal is complete mush by the time you get to the bottom of the bowl, but it is a damn site better than the shredding your mouth takes with cereal that doesn't have enough milk in it.

I started eating cereal again recently for my breakfast. This was an issue considering that I eat my breakfast at work. I didn't want to bring an entire bottle of milk to the office. Our office is really bad about milk and creamer theft. Everyone thinks "ohh just a little in my coffee won't make a difference" and then you are left with nothing. I am so not doing that.

So I had to get creative. At first I was pouring my milk in a tupperware container with a screw on cap. I would just pour my cereal directly into the container of milk and eat. This was alright, but the container was large and bulky. It was more practical to get a much smaller container for the milk and keep a bow al the office.

The container I ended up with hold just a little more than half a cup of milk. I was skeptical. It seemed like not a lot of milk. I figured I would just adjust with less actual cereal. That probably would have worked if I weren't half asleep still when pouring the bowl.

The first day I tried this I was left looking at a full bowl of cereal and this tiny container of milk. See above where the cereal to milk ratio being cereal heavy leaves me with shredded gums. It was a moment of fail, but I was too tired and too hungry to fix it. I dumped the milk on and went to town.

It was perfect.

My cereal was neither too mushy at the end, nor like shards of glass while I was eating it. When the cereal was gone there was still a small amount of milk to drink, but no more than maybe two drinks worth. I had finally discovered the mythical milk to cereal ratio.

I know it is a ridiculous thing to be excited about, but I really am sort of stoked about this discovery. It makes my breakfast a little more enjoyable, and lets admit it, at that hour of the day you need all the little happy victories you can get.

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