Friday, March 8, 2013

No work here

Have you ever noticed that there is a magical point in your work day, especially on Fridays, where you simply realize you are not going to do any more work? It doesn't really matter that you actually have work to do, it simply is not getting done. Everything pressing has been finished, and you simply have reached a point of no longer giving a damn.

That is me most days. Today though is being particularly difficult. I finished everything pressing quite some time ago. Now I am just sitting around waiting for the day to end. It is even more frustrating considering the length of my to do list for this weekend.

It is times like these where I am thankful that I have a job where I can actually do nothing if I want. I can almost hear the husbeast grumbling because he has no such luxury. He doesn't even get lunch breaks at his job. That is the trouble with sales. Here I sit munching on a honeycrisp apple the size of my head and blogging between games of Ruzzle.

I may leave a little early since I worked through lunch the last two days. I can go to the grocery store and get a head start on my to do list. I may even go home and clean a little for our house guest. Not a lot of cleaning happens during faire season which is why there is a strict rule that all house guests have to be faire people as well. They understand why my house is a disaster because theirs is too.

I only have the urge to clean some because the house guest we have this weekend has never been to our house at all. I would like him to get a somewhat better impression of us that our slovenly faire state. I do like making good impressions on people. He may just have to pretend though.

Now to pass a little more time before I can escape. I can hear sudoku and Facebook calling to me now.

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