Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday musings

So I had another birthday. That's right, another year successfully going around the sun for me. It was a very good birthday for me, which I am always pleasantly surprised when that happens. I have had enough birthdays where that was not true that even vaguely pleasant goes into the win column.

This year, as it is most years, my birthday fell on a faire day. I have discovered over the past 11 years that birthday + faire day = nothing terribly special. My characters never share my birthday so it isn't like I get to celebrate it in the lanes. Most people are busy working the faire and afterwards they, much like me, are far too tired to do anything really celebratory. I am alright with this.

If I really want to do something for my birthday then I will plan it for a week night either before or after the day. Considering my birthday history though, I rarely plan anything. A nice dinner, maybe a movie, but nothing really fancy or exciting. So having an uneventful faire day as a birthday doesn't bother me.

I do have to say though that it is very nice to be around the majority of my friends on my birthday. It is so nice to see people face to face to wish me well. I mean I am totally happy with floods of texts, emails, and Facebook posts wishing me happy birthday, but a good old fashioned face to face 'Happy birthday' can't really be beaten.

I also get the loveliest most unexpected gifts for my birthday when it falls on a faire day. This year my prizes included a beautiful gypsy poppet, a basket full of inspiration, and a bonsai tree. I am not sure I can exactly explain my basket full of inspiration, but suffice it to say it was one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts I have gotten in a long time. I did well not to burst into tears when the final piece of that present was handed to me.

I did my best to celebrate the day by eating all the sweet things in the world. I started my day with orange cream cake from the bakery, went on to have a couple of cheesecake brownies and lemon squares at gypsy lunch, and of course I had the better than makeup sex cake from the bakery at the end of the day. Come final cannon I was having a wicked sugar crash. I was gifted a lovely slice of cheesecake and another better than makeup sex cake in the parking lot, which I could not force myself to take one bite of either of them. I made everyone else eat it in celebration of my birthday, which made me just as happy as if I had eaten it myself.

So all in all it was a good day. The weekend itself was long and incredibly emotional, something of which I am sure I will write about when I can do so without sobbing like an idiot. My birthday though was very good. It was a happy one, and it was a good one.

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