Monday, June 3, 2013

Never really done

And just like that faire is done. That thing that has been consuming my mind since December and has been eating my free time since February is over. One final cannon, a few good cries, a day of laundry and packing, and it is done for a few months. Other than a couple of small prop items that need to find new homes I am done with faire.

Only you are never really done with faire. Sure now I have my weekends back to do things like clean and window shop, but that doesn't mean I am free of faire. As it is I have at least two faire related events this month alone. I have already had discussions about costuming and characters and fight choreography. My house is constantly a staging zone for the wrestling team to get their off season training organized. There are fight classes that I am looking into taking. I want to organize some sewing classes for the cast.

See? A it is not even a week since closing cannon and I am already consumed with thoughts of next season. I just can't escape it. I try but everywhere I look it is there.

Of course this off season planning and discussions are not all consuming. They do not weigh me down with obligation and suck away my free time. Already in the last week I have seen two movies, had three dates with the husbeast, gone to A-Kon, cleaned almost everything I own, and spent an entire day doing absolutely nothing of consequence. All I need now is to get some good quality time on my couch working on my ass groove and clearing out the DVR and life will be really good.

As much as I would like to say that faire is just a hobby that occupies my spring I have to admit that it is so much more than that. It will be something that pretty well lingers in my life all year long until I decide to just step away from it all together. Of course I couldn't even begin to imagine not doing faire so I don't think that will be an issue any time soon.

For now though I think I am going to look into that whole couch ass groove and TV time. If I am really lucky I will get some kitty cuddles in there too.

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