Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have hit this spot in my life where things are about to be thrown into the chaos of change. Some of these changes are of my own choosing and some of these changes have come out of left field and smacked me right upside the head. No matter why they are happening though, they are happening and I am along for the ride.

The frustrating part is I can't actually say for certain that things are going to change. It is more this huge threat of change hanging over my head. I have been told these changes will be happening but it is all really vague. I mean there are no guarantees that the changes will actually happen or not.

I know I am being incredibly vague right now. I am sorry but I can't help it. No really I am legally obligated not to talk about it. Turns out work doesn't like their employees talking about stuff that goes down in the office, especially if it comes across in a negative tone. I am not saying I would talk about work in a negative tone, but that is probably again only because it is a matter of legality.

Some of the changes are personal growth things, but I don't actually want to talk about them. I am one of those people who never wants to talk too much about the things I am trying to do just in case they don't happen. I don't want people to get all worked up over my projects only to have them fall through.

Still I am very excited and nervous about all the things going on. It doesn't really help that everything seems to be happening all at once. It would have been nice if they could have staggered themselves out a bit more. Of course then I imagine it would be exhausting to just finish going through one huge change only to have to tackle another huge change. I guess it is better to get everything done at once.

I just need to get myself into the head-space where I am happy about change. I know that change is inevitable. I know that everything does change, and it is necessary for it to do so. Without change there is stagnation. Nothing good comes from stagnation; mosquitoes, smelly water, rot and decay, boredom.  All unpleasant things.

I need to remind  myself that all things happen for a reason. The upheaval at work (not that I am saying there was an upheaval at work), the things in my personal life, hell even things at faire, they are all happening for a reason and so that I can move onto to new things.

Knowing all of this doesn't make change any less scary. I like my routine and my security in the normalcy of my life. I like being comfortable and knowing what will happen next. I don't typically mind spoilers. I am just that sort of girl.

I am also the sort of girl who likes a good adventure and hates getting bored. I would rather be moving forward than not moving at all. I don't ever want to get stuck in the mire of life. Always forward never back and certainly never still for too long.

I suppose this is all the universes way of saying that I have been at this platform long enough. I suppose it is time to move on to the next adventure. I may be dragging my feet a little, and be unsure of what is ahead, but I promise you I am definitely going along for this ride.