Monday, June 17, 2013

Unappreciated behavior

Gentlemen of the world I have a request of you:

If you are ever faced with a woman asking a question about a vehicle or a piece of electronics please do not assume she is some sort of stereotypical clueless female. Just because people like to joke about women knowing nothing about cars or computers does not mean that is actually a universal truth.

We are not all hysterical delicate incompetent creatures that need you to talk slowly to us, pat us on the head, and tell us not to worry about it. When we come to you with a question, a concern, or to just flat out tell you there is a problem you should actually pay attention to the thins we say and attempt to solve the problem stated.

I am not very knowledgeable about cars. I know some rather basic things but am known to use technical terms like 'thingy', 'whosit', 'whatsit', and 'doodad' when referring to car maintenance for the most part. I do rely on the husbeast to handle most things that go beyond getting an oil change, the brakes checked because they are squeaky, and having a flat tire replaced.

That being said I can tell when there is an actual problem and can typically articulate it enough that you should be able to look into the issue. So when I say to you that any time the outside temperature drops below 60 degrees that my front passenger side tire loses enough air pressure to set my cars sensors off and that the tire does not regain the pressure when it gets warmer, and this has been the case with three different tires in that spot, I expect you to actually take that concern and look into it.

I realize that today the problem was indeed a drill bit in my tire causing an incredibly slow leak, but that does not invalidate the other issue I have had with this particular wheel. I asked you to look into that problem as well as the fact that my tire was flat. The phrase "I am sure it is nothing, you shouldn't worry about it.' in no way endeared you to me.

Also while I am not a technical genius, I know more about computers than your average Joe. I can get through a lot of things that most people couldn't do. I take a certain amount of pride in being able to function on the above average scale here.

I am more than smart enough to know I will have to remove my phone from the case before I can take a picture of the broken case with my phones camera. This is not something you need to explain to me in detail. Twice. A simple 'There are instructions on the Otterbox website about how to enact the warranty' actually would have been sufficient. You do not need to ask me if I know how to find their website either.

Also I do not need you to explain to me what a lifetime warranty is.  I am not an idiot and like to think I don't come across as one.

I am amazed I have kept my composure all day and not slapped someone verbally (or physically) for their belittling misogynistic patronizing behavior towards me. They are just damn lucky I am a lady.

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