Friday, December 9, 2011

Reasons I win

I am vaguely sick, incredibly sleepy, and more than a little cranky just now. In moments like these I could choose to be pitiful and miserable; that would be super easy. The problem with giving in to the misery is that it makes me feel all that much worse. I do not need that sort of help.

Instead I am going to think on happy good things. I can easily tell you all the reasons my life is unpleasant at this precise moment, but no one wants to read that. Hell I don't want to write that. We must not dwell on the negative.

So with that in mind I present you with a few reasons why I win at life:

- I have the greatest husbeast in the world. He will warm my spot in bed for me whether it is as we are going to bed at night or at 4am when I am off being ill. He makes silly references to things I like in conversation. He makes sure I have the things I want and need. He cooks me soup when I feel puny.

- I get random messages from my awesome friends just to tell me I am awesome.

- I have hit idea gold for inexpensive homemade holiday presents for my friends and loved ones.

- I have so many social engagements scheduled for the next few weeks that I am afraid I will have to start turning some down since I can't be in two places at once.

- It is Friday.

These are just a few reasons I win at life. Why do you win?

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