Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Sunday morning

It's 10am on a Sunday morning and I have yet to do anything productive. I am snuggled down on my couch in my flannel PJ pants and a hoodie in my dark mostly silent living room. The sounds of the husbeasts game and some angry grackles on my back porch are the only things disturbing the peace.

I love mornings like this. I find that a lazy Sunday is a good way to re-energize the soul. It is good for a person to just relax and not make any real effort to do anything but be.

I started my morning snuggling and giggling with the husbeast. One off my favorite things in the world is just being weird with him. I do mean weird. Silly is a given, but I can be flat out weird at times. Still we just lay in bed giggling like children and it was refreshing.

Now is the requisite time with our electronics. He will play some game where he flies things or shoots things or mines things, and I will read my blogs and check my web comics and play some Words With Friends on Facebook*.

I am sure at some point there will be noshing. Foods must be had even on a lazy Sunday. I may cook something, but more than likely we will just subside on leftovers and sandwiches.  If I do cook anything it will not be because I have to but more because I want to. Baking is good for my soul too. Maybe I will bake some muffins or perhaps I will make the husbeast a pot of beans. It just depends on how my day goes.

He is going to go play Warhammer 40K with the boys, and I will probably go to the gym with my best friend at some point in the day. I am not really stressed about if I do or don't make it to the gym; there is no room for stress on a lazy Sunday. If I make it great, I would love to chat with my friend, and we always have some interesting conversations while plugging away on the elliptical. If I stay on my couch in my PJs all day then that will be great too.

I am certain at some point I will end up watching bad TV. Sunday's are made for bad movies on SyFy, or marathons of shows on HGTV or Foodnetwork or TLC. Lazy Sundays are the only time I really watch shows that are outside of my normal line up. It is really the only time I allow myself to watch horrors like Toddlers in Tiaras or Flip This House or Giant Squid vs Giant Shark. It is good for me to watch that stuff sometimes.

In the end we may go to a movie at the dollar theater tonight. In Time is showing and we both really want to see it. It all depends on when the husbeast returns from his game and whether I feel like putting on a bra at that hour or not. Again it is not a big deal if we don't go. We can always go tomorrow night instead.

No matter what happens today I am not going to stress about any of it. It is a lazy Sunday, and I plan to get as much lazy and relaxed out of the day that I possibly can. Here is hoping Sunday treats all of you just as well.

*Yes only on Facebook. I don't have a smart phone so there is no playing that game on a mobile device. Besides I am fairly certain that I would never get anything done if I could play that anywhere I was.


  1. What a perfect Sunday :-)
    Did you end up going to the cinema?

  2. No Sarah, he got home too late from his game for us to go. So I think tomorrow will be a date night. As it was I didn't get off the couch pretty much all day. It was divine!