Thursday, January 19, 2012

Someone is lying to me

Every week I haul myself into the gym, kick off my shoes, step on the scale, and hold my breath as I begin sliding the bar towards the number that it sat on the week before. All the time I am silently praying that the bar will even out before I get to the previous number. Luckily for me the number has steadily been getting smaller over the last year. True it is normally the same or only a pound or two less, but progress is progress. Over the course of a year one to two pounds a week adds up.

Why is it then that I when I go to get dressed in the morning my jeans are tighter? I've lost weight but gotten fatter all at the same time. Are my jeans mocking me? Is it some sort of trick? Yes the number on the scale is decreasing but the size of your jeans is increasing.

I realize that you don't lose weight everywhere at once. I actually started losing weight in my hands and feet first. I lost a significant amount of weight in my face and upper torso. I have however gone down at least one almost two pants sizes. Still there are days I could easily go back up a pants size. The jeans I had to buy when my old jeans literally fell off while I was walking, sometimes are uncomfortably tight. I've lost almost 10 pounds since I bought those jeans, they shouldn't be tighter.

It is just annoying and even a little frustrating to see progress in one way and see regression in another. It makes no logical sense. It will not stop me from trying, but it might cause some instances where I scream at my wardrobe* in the mornings and scare my cats.

*What? Don't even tell me you have never had arguments with your clothing. I don't know a single woman who hasn't at some point had angry words, or pleaded with their clothes. It is a thing. Don't judge me.


  1. I so know this. For years my mood for the day was dictated by whether it was a 'fat' or a 'thin' day. There are only so many days a month you can blame water retention :-)

  2. It's so cold and rainy here. I think I need to visit Texas!!