Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I love the rain. That is very important for me to say first off in this post, because really this post is about how much I hate the rain.

Reality is I love the rain. I love how after a good rain everything looks clean and new as though the rain itself gave the world a fresh start. I love the way the sound of falling rain can lull you into a relaxed state causing the perfect atmosphere for snuggling and book reading. I love the way rain forces you to find new and different things to do; whether it be from power outages, rained out outdoors events, or a bit of cabin fever from being stuck inside so long. I also love dancing in the rain.

That being said; I hate the rain.

Now in Texas one should never say they hate the rain. We had a horrible drought this past year which resulted in most of the state catching fire. This was a very bad thing. After such a harsh season any rain is welcome. We desperately need to catch up.

Still I find myself sitting here thinking about how much I hate the rain, and here is why:

- Sleep deprivation.

I really like my sleep. I have been an insomniac my entire life, so I really get ticked off when anything causes me to lose sleep.

Every time it really rains, which right now it is really raining, I have this paranoid fear that the power is going to go out while I sleep and cause me to be late for work. I will wake up in a fit of paranoia every 20 minutes or so throughout the night to check my alarm clock.

Usually it is still on, but sometimes it will be flashing at me indicating a power outage. At that point I jump out of bed in a panic and run out to the living room to see what time it is. Inevitably it is either 3:00am or 10:00am, either of which are bad. If it is 3:00am I go back to bed pissed off and am normally unable to fall back to sleep. If it is 10:00am I sprint through my morning routine at hyper speed, all the while loudly cursing, and most likely run out the door without a lunch, having forgotten to brush my teeth, and not fed the cats.

And if the alarm paranoia doesn't wake me up the thunder does. Last night there was a crack of thunder at 1:30am so loud that the husbeast and I both shot awake screaming, and all the animals woke up and ran in panicked circles. There was another crack at 4:30 that had the same results. While it is humorous to see my cats slam into one another in confusion, I was not terribly amused.

- No one can drive in the rain.

Texas drivers are pretty awful. If you ask the husbeast, who is from Louisiana originally, he will go on and on about how awful Texas drivers are. When it rains I more than agree with him.

I am not sure if it is because it doesn't rain often, or if we really are that bad of drivers, but a little water on the roads and everyone loses their ever loving minds. They all either drive 10 to 20 miles under the speed limit and clump together causing giant slow moving roadblocks, or they speed and zip around everyone in anger and frustration, kicking up water, and otherwise making it seriously dangerous for everyone involved.

If everyone would just drive like normal sane people there would be no reason for any of this anger and frustration. There also would be no reason for me to be late to work when I left 20 minutes early.

- Soggy shoes all day long.

I hate having to wear wet shoes. As I was getting ready to leave this morning I looked at my shoe options. In getting dressed I had not assembled an outfit that would allow me to wear my boots because they are brown. I didn't have time to change, since I knew I had to leave early because of rain driving stupidity, so I had to chose between my office flats or my sneakers.

Now thinking practically you would think I chose sneakers.  You would be wrong. My sneakers are my gym sneakers, and therefor have mesh on top. Mesh leads to massive water leakage, which leads to wet socks, which leads to a very cranky  me through most of the day.

My flats were going to get wet as well, this was not a question as they have decorative vents in the sides. My flats however give me the option of kicking off my shoes at my desk to allow the shoes to dry. No wet shoes on feet leads to a happy me.

As it was I got to the office and took my shoes off in the car. I rolled my jeans up almost to my knees and carried my shoes in with me. Sure I got some really weird looks from my coworkers when I came in barefoot with my jeans cuffed up, but I had dry pants and shoes.

I win.

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  1. LOL! You poor Texas girl!! Although I have to admit that even in Oregon people CAN NOT drive in the rain. Weird, right!?!