Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When I went to my car this morning to head to work I discovered I had been robbed. At first I didn't really understand what had happened. The glove box was open and the contents of the center console were strewn about the passenger seat. My first reaction was that the husbeast had been looking for something. My second thought was I had been robbed.

They didn't break into my car, there was no need. It was unlocked. I know how stupid that is, but I forgot. I was carrying in groceries last night and it slipped my mind. They also really didn't take anything, not that there is much in my car to take.

They were obviously in a hurry and didn't want to draw any attention to themselves so they didn't try and rip out my stereo. They did snatch my messenger bag which had been sitting in the front seat. I know you are saying why did you leave your purse in the car? Purse is a very loose term with me. That satchel was not really a purse so much as a carrying case.

The contents of the satchel was nothing of monetary value. I had a few books in there, some notebooks and journals, a pocket sized dictionary and thesaurus, a needle and thread, a hem gauge, some matches, an empty salt and pepper shaker, a couple of Starbursts, and a mechanical pencil. Normally I also carry my netbook, portable hard drive, gerber, iPod, camera, and power cords for various items. Thankfully this was not the case currently. I would also like to think I wouldn't leave that stuff in my car over night, but I would be lying if I said I hadn't done that in the past.

What really struck me was the number of things the thief did not take. I had another smaller purse laying on the back seat, it was empty though. My gym bag was also sitting on the back seat, though all it contained was dirty gym clothes and a lock. There was a large plastic shopping bag full of fabric as well. There were a few CD's in the console that they left, apparently bluegrass and Irish folk songs were not appealing to them. The charger for my phone was plugged into the outlet in plain view. The most puzzling thing they left was a full bottle of hydrocodone that was in the glove box.

The fact that they didn't take the pills even confused the cop. Even if they weren't an addict that stuff apparently is in high demand and easy to sell. The pills were the only loose item in my car worth any money at all.

In the end there was no real damage done. I am annoyed and pissed off that someone was in my space. I am annoyed I will have to find a new bag that can fit all my stuff. I am really annoyed I lost a notebook full of writing. I am most pissed off that they stole the book I was in the middle of reading and my favorite book on writing that goes with me everywhere.

People are shitty.

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