Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spreading the love

In the midst of my extreme crankiness brought on by the less than zesty events of this morning, I received an email reminding me of happier things. I had forgotten that I had signed up to do a Secret Cupid Exchange for Valentines Day.

I have to say I don't celebrate Valentines Day and probably haven't since I was in high school. I know the husbeast and I did at least one Valentines Day date when we were dating, but I think it was miraculously unimpressive. I am a firm believer that love and appreciation should be shown every day, not just on some day that is a commercially driven fad that always makes me think of bloody prohibition fueled mob murders. What isn't that what you think of; blood and roses?

Typically we reserve sappy displays of affection for Tuesdays*. With that in mind I have to say I really dig this whole Secret Cupid thing. Valentines Day is all around depressing for a lot of people, and it is also really exciting for others. Far be it from me to judge anyone on what they want to celebrate and how they want to do it. If I can make someone happy then it is well worth the effort to me.

So in the spirit of the day I am now planning furiously what to send to my match. This is difficult because she has no blog I can stalk. I will just have to be creative. Ideas of what to give a complete stranger you know nothing about other than they have a similar taste in blogs for Valentines day are appreciated.

And in the interest of helping out anyone who might be stalking my blog for hints as to what to send me (this whole match thing is a two way street you know) I offer up some tidbits about me that might help.

-I like chocolate, especially dark chocolate.
-I don't like nuts. They won't kill me, but I don't enjoy them.
-I adore toffee.
-I hate coconut and the stuff will kill the husbeast.
-Gummy Bears are my favorite candy, but typically just the Harbo brand, off brands tend to use coconut oil in the making and that goes back to the not wanting to kill the husbeast thing.
-I am a baker, a writer, a costumer, a Renaissance Faire performer, a reader, a lover of TV and film. (I had to say something that wasn't food related).
-I like anything homemade.
-I am not a fan of things with strong smells unless it is lavender scented.
-I have a ridiculous medal allergy so I don't wear jewelry.

Umm yea. So other than reading my blog, or checking out my Pinterest, that is all I can think of.

*Tuesday gifts are not reserved for Tuesday, they are for any random ordinary day just because you wanted to give someone a gift because you could.

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