Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Worlds on Fire

Living in Texas you get used to certain things.
Running with temperatures over 100 every day for months on end is not unusual. It is not pleasant by any means, but it is sort of something you accept. I assume it would be the same if we were constantly in multiple feet of snow for months on end. You just adjust.

It is also common place for the weather to change at the drop of the hat. One day it is 109 outside and miserable, and the next it is a pleasant 80 and breezy. The saying goes "If you don't like the weather wait a minute, it will change." Typically that is true.

One thing that has become common place this yea in particular, and a thing I do not think I will ever get used to, is that Texas is burning. Fires have raged through North Texas and Central Texas and East Texas on and off all year long. We have had more of a drought than usual, and the winds have been unforgiving in the dry areas, and the flames just run rampant.

Living in Dallas, I personally have been safe from the flames. I have no family that live in the immediate area of any of the fires. Still my state is on fire. That is just unsettling.

The facts are really just staggering. Over 50 wildfires burning across the state. Areas where my parents and friends lived in until just recently have burned to the ground. One of the Ren Faires I work for is in danger as is another faire near Austin. Hell my home faire already had a fire at it which claimed the life of a faire colleague.

Worst of all there is no relief in sight. The forecast while showing pleasant cool temperatures shows no signs of rain. Firefighters are working round the clock to try and control the blazes, but it seems like they keep growing, or new fires show up once one is put out.

I feel helpless as I sit here, and the world burns around me.
We were praying for rain to end the drought, now we are praying for rain to help end the fires.

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