Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Words words words

Some days I have nothing to say at all despite the fact that I really want to say something.
On those days I end up frustrated and convinced that the cursor is mocking me. It is not a lack of ideas or desire, it is simply...well I am not certain it is anything simple at all. If any of you can explain why some days I can not write anything at all I would love to hear your theories on it.

Thankfully that is not every day. I will be the first to admit that I am not as diligent as I should be when it comes to my writing. For those of you who were privy to read my Faire dream you know that I could sometimes be a little lax in writing the next chapter. Alright so nearly a year is probably an excessive amount of time to wait for the final three chapters. Sorry about that.

I am not terribly disciplined is what I suppose I am getting at.
This year has been about building new habits for me. I decided almost ten months ago that I needed to change things in my life and start new habits, and thus far I am doing pretty good on some things. On others I am not fairing so well.

One of the things I wanted to do was write every day outside of my blog. Thus far I am lucky if I write once a week. Yes part of it is finding the time to do it, part of it is finding the desire to do it, and part of it is actually making words come out.

Some days none of that is a problem.

I have to say there is something ridiculously satisfying about opening up a word document and having the words flow freely. It is so nice to look up after two hours and see the word count at the bottom of the screen saying 2900. It is nice to know that I have more words to put out right now and my story will grow.

Unfortunately what I am working on today has very little story to it. I have some very amusing characters, and some interesting ideas about the reality they live in, but I haven't much of an idea of where they are going or to what purpose they are moving towards. Hard to write something without a plot. Just now it is a bunch of scenes that will hopefully connect smoothly once I am done. I am not sure if they will lead anywhere, but writing something is better than nothing right?

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  1. Oh definitely better than nothing. I have several files that include characters and odd details about their jobs, or where they live or character traits. One day I'll find out their story :-)