Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like a redheaded stepchild

I have worked in offices that are incredibly social before. They are the type of place where every birthday is celebrated (even if it is everyone for the month celebrating on the same day), every holiday is observed, and there are plenty of pot lucks to fill in the space during months unladen with holidays. Heaven help you if you were getting married or having a baby, the showers were insane. They did team building exercises, had office book clubs, and 'fun' office activities. We once actually had a kegger on the roof of the parking garage because our CEO wanted to spend more time with his employees. We also had breakfast with him once a week (ten people at a time so he could get to know everyone).

That was of course a different company than the one I currently work for.
Now that is not to say that my current office is not social, as it is. There is a pot luck once a week, there are constant baby and bridal showers, and we used to do constant birthday celebrations but had to stop because we have a number of Jehovah Witnesses working here and I think HR thought it was offensive. Still any excuse for a party and the cake and streamers come flying.

That is there is cake and happiness for everyone but my team.

There are only five people in my team including our manager. We are part of a much larger group made up mostly of the developers. For some strange reason they don't seem to think we are part of their group. We have the same boss, we sit in the same area, and we have had to attend the same annual meetings as they do, yet still we are ignored.

Mostly I don't mind as I really would rather not be forced to socialize with these people. I don't particularly like any of them. It is however a little annoying to be sitting here working and have to listen to them laughing and having a grand old time and know that we were not even given the option of attending.

Most of the time once the party is over they will swing by and offer us the leftover cake since they don't want to take it home. So very nice of them to remember the little people. I love getting the scraps.


  1. Wow. That's just... wow. Has anybody ever asked them what the deal is?

  2. They apparently just keep forgetting we are part of the group. *shrug* I shouldn't be eating cake anyways.

  3. It's like the Sneetches! Is it a star-belly issue?

    With the Sneetches, I always wonder why they didn't throw their own marshmallow roasts instead of waiting to be invited to the star-bellied ones. You could have a party and invite the OTHER people, and see if that points out a thing or two to them.