Friday, September 2, 2011

I forget where to begin

I was going to write this post about...well I forget now what it was about. I vaguely think it had something to do with work and being bored, but I can not say for certain.

You see as I sat here about to start typing away I suddenly thought to myself "Self...haven't we already made a post about this?". So not wanting to repeat myself too much I went and looked over my post list. The only thing is that the titles of my posts are not exactly self explanatory. Now it is nothing so bad as say the title of a Fall Out Boy song, which are random and mostly have nothing to do with anything at all.

My titles have something to do with my posts, they just aren't exactly helpful in jogging my memory. I am not certain if that says I choose poor post titles or that my memory is really bad. Probably a little of both.

Since the post titles were not working I went back and skimmed through my posts. Thankfully I have only had this blog for 5ish months and there are not that many posts. I foresee in the not so distant future repeating myself quite often.

I am not sure if I have posted anything like what I was going to post since I forgot what I was going to post.
I did however learn these things:

1) I am really long winded and ramble a lot.

B) I like to tell a story before I make my point.

C3PO) My memory is crap.

So there you have it. My post about why you aren't reading the post I intended.
Yea...I got nothing.

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