Thursday, September 8, 2011

Other peoples realities

This morning driving to work I got stuck at the light to turn onto the road to my office building. Our building sits on one corner of this intersection with an office building directly across on the opposite corner. Where I stopped was directly in front of the parking garage to this other building. Standing just outside the garage entrance was a man in a ball cap holding a sign. I had noticed this same man about a week ago as I was leaving work. At that time he had a woman with him, but he still had the sign.

The sign simple said: John Doe* LIAR

My interest was piqued to say the least. Who was this man on the side of the road and who was this mysterious John Doe. What had transpired between the two to prompt this man to stand outside the parking garage and allow every employee of that company who came or went to know that John Doe was a liar. What had he lied about? Was it only this one man who was effected by these obviously grievous lies or were there a whole slew of people? I would assume if it were more people this mini protest would have been much larger. Or perhaps more people were wronged and this was the only man who felt brave enough to protest in such a bold manner.

So when I got to my desk I did a quickly Googled John Doe. Now you must understand my Google-foo is weak. I can never much find anything about anything, but this morning I yielded a few positive results. I managed to find out that this John Doe was the head of IT for the company across the street. Now my mind is spinning.

Perhaps John Doe was responsible for the firing of this man with the sign. Perhaps he falsified information about this man causing him to lose his job and everything he had and now his only form of protest against such an injustice is to stand outside the office and let everyone know that whatever he was accused of is untrue because John Doe is a liar. It would seem in that case his honor was far more important than his job.

Or perhaps it is not related to the job at all. Perhaps it is something more personal than work. Perhaps the man with the sign could think of no better way to get his message across than to hold a handmade sign like some hobo in front of the office. Perhaps he doesn't know how to effectively use the internet for such things.

Whatever sign mans reasons for standing out there, I am certain they are much more interesting than what I can think up. I mean I have a great imagination and all, but I have discovered that fact is often more strange than fiction. That and all my scenarios are fairly mundane and boring.

* Name on sign has been changed because I don't know who the hell he really is and the last thing I plan on doing is fanning the flames of some fire I don't have any reason to be involved in.

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