Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mocked into silence

I have to admit I get very excited every time I get a comment or see that I have a new follower. It is nice to know, or at least to imagine, that my blathering is not falling on deaf ears. Or would that be blind eyes? However you look at it, it is a very nice thought that my ramblings are possibly amusing people.

Of course then I go to make a new post and I have positively nothing to say. I stare at my little blinking cursor for hours on end with no results. My cursor mocks me. Ohh yes it does. Evil vile little blinking line that highlights the fact that I have been unable to put down so much as a single coherent thought.

Now it is not like I owe anything to anyone out in the great wide internets. I know that I write more for my own amusement than anyone elses. Still I hold out hope that somewhere someone might actually have been looking forward to see whatever strange thing I might have put out there this time.

Only I have nothing but a stupid blinking cursor.

I am beginning to loath that cursor. It mocks me in my blog and in my writing as well. I pop open the story I am working on at current and all I see is an unfinished thought and a little blinking line reminding me that once again I have failed to finish what I started.

So in case you actually stopped by in hopes of something to read and amuse you, forgive the lack of content of any substance. I blame the cursor really. Its mockery of me has left me in a state in which I am unable to form cohesive thoughts and put them into my blog.

I am certain this is only a temporary setback. We will return to our irregular postings as soon as I figure out how to kill my cursor.


  1. Well, I read it anyway and I'll be back :-)

  2. Well I am very glad you are here Sarah, and that you will be returning.