Friday, September 21, 2012

Good day

I have the first honey crisp apple of the season sitting on my desk. Happy bouncy music is piping in through my headphones from my iPod. At my house all of my bags and supplies for the weekend are ready to be packed in the car. I have enough work to keep me busy until it is time to leave. I get to go home early without using any PTO. The new sofa table we have been waiting 3 months for arrives this afternoon. Once everyone is off of work and assembled we leave for the first work weekend for TRF (Texas Renaissance Festival).

All of these things together make for one really good day. I am even having good hair today. I mean this is a seriously good day folks, and boy did I need a good day. I have had a lot of less than stellar days of late, but today is just all sunshine and lollipops.

Really the anticipation for this weekend is the best part of the day. I so can not wait to get in the car and drive down to faire. I can not wait to see everyone after so very long. I can't wait to get all hot and sweaty and dirty doing good hard work. Yea I know that seems weird, but I love it. It is so very rewarding.

I am having some trouble focusing on my work because of this, but that is alright. I am not doing anything that requires great amounts of concentration, and nothing that can't really wait until next week to be done. I can drift off into my own daydreams and that is perfectly acceptable.

So here I sit, fidgeting in my chair, bopping along to my music, chewing thoughtfully on my tasty apple, trying very hard to focus on work while dreaming about the weekend. Not a bad way to spend my Friday.

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