Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nothing to see here

Today is one of those days where the seemingly Herculean effort of being an adult is weighing me down. I wrote and entire post about my own little anxious rage that I am living through just now, but then I decided not to post it. I didn't want to post it.

I think I have said before I don't want to put that sort of negativity into the universe. I am typically a happy person and that is the way I like to keep it. I am not perfect. I am not always sunshine and lollipops. I am just human and I get angry sad and anxious like everyone else. Here lately it is just more from column B than column A.

I will be fine. I am taking proactive steps to keep my life on the sunny side of the street. It is just a lot of hard work. Hard work and patience. Lots of patience. Nothing moves quickly. Or easily. Ever.

I want to put something good here. A picture I have taken that I am proud of. Something I have written that I like. An anecdote of something I have done well. I just don't know what to put here.

Weird. I think I am actually speechless.

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