Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Confessions

Tuesday confessional:

- I think the LOL Cat stuff is stupid. The general idea of I can haz cheeseburger makes me roll my eyes. I don't think they are cute or funny, I find them obnoxious and annoying about 98% of the time.

- While I find pictures of cute fluffy animals cute, I really don't feel a need to see them constantly. If you were actually handing me a kitten or puppy or bunny that would be different. Just seeing a picture of said fluffy animal isn't going to improve my day.

- I think Will Ferrel is a waste of a perfectly good actor, much like Jim Carrey used to be. I have seen him do something that was not stupid and he was sort of brilliant and entertaining. Why must he insist on doing stupid movies? I don't think movies like Anchorman are even amusing let alone funny. Jim Carrey started redeeming himself for me somewhere around the Truman show, and has been steadily improving since then. Why couldn't Ferrel make the same sort of change after Stranger than Fiction?

- I love cheap canned ballpark nacho cheese. I especially like it when it sits on the chip long enough to make the chip soggy. It is my guilty pleasure.

- I like looking at other peoples spaces. I will sometimes walk around the office if it is late and everyone has left, or if I get in super early, and look in peoples cubes to see how they have decorated and try and get an idea of what sort of person they are. I look in peoples windows if their curtains are open too.

- I hate noise. I go to great lengths to make sure that my computer never makes any noises at all. I immediately turn off any background music or sound effects on any game I play. I spend hours trying to find sounds that won't annoy me on my phone when I get a new one. I hate when people let the microwave beep for more than one beep. I will stop the microwave 1 second before it ends to keep from hearing the beep.

- I think celery has an incredibly strong flavor and smell and can not stand it. If a recipe calls for celery I tend to use a lot less than is called for so the celery isn't overpowering to me.

- I will always tell you how I am if you ask. People who ask it as a politeness expecting to hear a simple 'fine' are often disappointed that I will actually tell them more than they wanted to know. Sometimes 'fine' is how I am doing, but if I feel sick, tired, hungry, cranky, annoyed, or anything else you will know it. It will not be that succinct either.

- I loved being in school and never wanted to have a summer break. Sometimes I miss it. A lot.

- I have no googlefoo. I have never been able to make search engines work in my favor. I swear I have typed the same thing into google as the person next to me and not been able to find the same information as they have. I have a similar problem with YouTube which is why I almost never use it.

- I don't typically like or listen to modern music. I am almost always a year or two behind on popular music unless the song is featured on Glee or is pumped into my gym. I just don't care enough.

- I love haunted houses and horror movies because I love getting scared in a controlled environment. I haven't been to a haunted house that actually scared me since I was in high school. This is mostly due to the use of strobe lights in almost all haunts. I have to focus so hard on not looking at them that nothing scares me. I laugh at horror movies more often than I am frightened by them. Sometimes I worry about myself because of this.

- I love going outside when it is super hot, like 100 or more, after I have been inside a super cold building for a long amount of time. I will go just sit in the car for a few minutes so I can feel the heat slowly seeping into me. It is something I look forward to every year.

- I don't like J.R.R. Tolkein, Anne Rice, or Jane Austen books. I love their stories but I can't make myself enjoy their writing. I have the same problem with Stephen King with anything longer than a short story.

- I have never watched a classic James Bond movie. I saw one Pierce Brosnan movie and the last 20 minutes of Goldfinger. For me Bond is Daniel Craig mostly because he is the only version of Bond I have really watched.

- I own almost 300 movies. This does not include television series. I own 32 different TV series. Most of them are complete series, if all seasons are available. I want more.

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  1. A nice collection of information tidbits that tell me more about my friend Megan. Cool! :)