Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alone time

It is nearly 1am and I am still awake. As an insomniac this is not strange for me normally, only tonight I am not claiming insomnia. Tonight I am claiming my own stupidity. I have gotten all caught up in an RP game, and now I do not want to sleep.

Once I open up a creative outlet I never want to stop. It feels so wonderful to create things, that losing a little sleep seems like a small price to pay. Besides I have been deprived of sleep before, what is one more night in the grand scheme of things.

I have my kitty snuggled next to me croaking* softly as he sleeps. The husbeast is long since gone to bed since he was cranky about his foot being sprained**. The house is quiet now that the rain storm has passed.

I am alone with my thoughts, and my characters, and the stories I make. This really is one of my favorite times.

*Poor cat has lost his voice. I think it is allergies, but still he croaks now instead of meowing.

**The husbeast did a flying leap on Saturday while spinning flags, and landed wrong. We thought his ankle was sprained until we took his boot of Sunday and realized all of his toes were black and blue and his foot was swollen to twice its size, while his ankle looked fine. Poor thing is hobbling around now. Thankfully it is just a bad deep bruise and should be fine in a few days time

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