Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little things

The last few days I have really been dragging. Faire takes a lot out of me, and this week seems to be particularly bad. I spent the better part of Monday staring at a blank screen and coming up with precisely nothing. I am sure I could have slapped together something in the way of filler, but I figured that you could all wait for something with a little more meat to it. I am not saying that this is that post, but it is what you get.

There are several things that have been bubbling in my brain to post about, but none of them have managed to form into more than an idea, so I am going to take this opportunity to touch on those thoughts. Maybe something more will come from it, but I am not holding my breath.

- Sunday nights after faire we always go out to dinner. It is a small ritual that allows us to relax after a long weekend of faire, and to decompress with people we like in a climate controlled environment with plenty to drink and eat at hand. I love Sunday night dinner. Next to Saturday nights in the hotel and hanging out in the parking lot, this is one of my favorite things.

The best part about it is that I never know who I will sit next to or what we will talk about. There is always the possibility that we will sit about and rehash our weekends. Faire war stories flow freely here, and if a night went by where at least one person was not recounting some magical moment they had, then it would not be Sunday night dinner. More often than not the guys get caught up in talking strategy, whether for Warhammer 40k or for the English wrestling show we do at faire. More often than not when we are dragging them to the car at the end of the night, that is the topic they are still on.

Sometimes though I find myself in the most unexpected of conversations. This last week I was sitting next to a friend who is attending school for film. Now I never did anything with film. I have had a lot of friends who have worked with film, and I have a great love and respect for film, but that is about it. Still we started talking film. Before I knew it everyone was standing to leave, and we were still mid conversation.

It has been a long time since I got lost in a conversation about film or theater, and I realized how much I missed it. There was a time when I was younger when I could, and did, sit up at Denny's until the sun rose just talking theater or writing or something arts related.

I miss it.

- I have some very dear friends who have been published recently. Actually as I sit here and think about it, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who have been published recently. People I have shared a beer with have novels in print. People I have shared a house with are in short story anthologies. That is pretty darn cool in my mind.

It also makes me feel like a slacker when it comes to writing. I have so many things I want to work on, I should be working on, but I just can't seem to get myself to do it. Perhaps once faire is over and I feel more like I have time to breath I can devote myself to the writing that I really want to be doing.

- Speaking of things I want to be doing; faire ends in two weeks and I will have time again. Time to do all the things I have been wanting to do for months now. I will finally be able to deep clean my house. I will be able to get things organized and put away. My much neglected yard can be tended to. My home improvement projects can begin to be ticked off the list. People can be visited. Vacations can be taken. Foods can be cooked.

You really don't realize how much weekends mean until they are not available. I am so looking forward to going to the farmers market early in the morning, coming home and cooking all afternoon, and having friend over to grill and enjoy the hot summer nights. Good friends, tasty fresh food, cold drinks, and the joy of just being together for the sake of being together.

It really is the little things.


  1. It sounds like an extended family kind of tradition, and lovely!

  2. Lys Childs-WileyMay 16, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    We need to plan a Farmers Market Saturday sometime after Sacred Saturday and a bit of rest time for you.  Fresh fruits and veggies, homemade lemonade from just-squeezed lemons, and lots of lounging around and talking followed by nommy grilled foods.  What do you think?

  3.  I think that certainly sounds like a plan

  4.  It feels like that sort of thing, but only if it is with the extended family you really  like spending time with.